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Today, I got a bikini wax. They said it wouldn't hurt too badly, and that it would just sting. My friend heard me screaming from all the way down the hall in the waiting room. FML
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They're right. It doesn't hurt "too badly" it hurts like a bitch.

How could you think that it wasn't gonna hurt? That's a really sensitive area of skin...


They're right. It doesn't hurt "too badly" it hurts like a bitch.

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It feels like someone poured molten lava on your bikini line then tore your skin off... All with the lovely feeling of uncomfortable exposure to someone you don't know... O_o

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And even through all that pain, it'll grow back and you'll have to go through it all over again..I know that pain :(

I have felt worse pain.... But it's definitely not a pleasant experience.....

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I just got a Brazilian wax done recently and she told me the same thing. I told a friend of mine what she said and my friend immediately called bullshit. And yes it hurt like hell . . .

Pubic or public... that is the question.

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Nope doesn't sound painful at all

Only guy in existance that would be perfectly happy if girls just said f*ck it and gave this stuff up..

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80- that's honestly nice to know:)

Pubic hair is SUPPOSED to be there. There's no shame in it. I don't understand why you guys put yourself through so much pain when it makes little difference, anyway (and, more importantly, why males are never asked to shave/wax THEIR genitals... you'd think it's only fair!) You don't have to wax if you don't want to! LOVE YOUR PUBES!

Okay, here is a question 135- (if what you're saying is true, and I'm not disagreeing just offering a counterpoint) you would be TOTALLY cool going to the beach, with God knows how many people seeing you, and you have never shaved your pubic hair a day in your life, you wouldn't be the least bit uncomfortable? I think it'd be kind of embarrassing to have pubic hair bursting at the seams of your bottoms IMO....but then again I'm just a guy

It's one thing if it's pushing out of your bathing suit. Guys don't have to worry about that because their bathing suits cover more. All you really have to do it keep it trimmed enough not to stick out. Waxing and even shaving seem unnecessarily painful in my opinion.

138, assuming I find the rest of her attractive, the girl with some of her bush poking out of her bathing suit bottom, is the one I would be trying to take home. Then again, I can handle a woman with leg hair, and some under arm hair. What can I say, I'm a bit of a naturalist with plenty of disregard for the media's depiction of "beauty."

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as a girl, I always shave down there but waxing is just more convenient because I don't have to shave every 5 days. Plus the hair grows back a little finer each time. I do it for hygenic reasons. It's so easy for dirt and bacteria to get trapped down there and also, during my monthly cycle, I don't want to have to worry about hygiene issues. I also go out to beaches a lot so it's just natural for me to have as little hair as possible. I take 500mg Rx Naproxen 45 mins before my appointment and the pain isn't as bad. although, I'd prefer morpheine. A friend takes poppy tea bedore hers and she's always calm and relaxed dueing hers. My first time was horrendous. I was crying and literally biting my teeth together when she approached the area near the folds. *shudders*

169-- It seems MORE unhealthy to be taking so many drugs. :( Public hair is no more unhygienic than the hair on your head. If it were, we wouldn't have it at all. You should do some research (I don't mean this in a mean way) and reconsider. :) If you wax for your own aesthetic reasons, I guess that's okay... but you shouldn't believe all the myths about it. :P

135- I told my boyfriend to shave or I wasn't going down. He listened.

Get a bikini wax they said..... It won't hurt they said.....

191 - my GF doesn't shave at all, and I not only prefer it, but I LOVE it. Oh and I still go down on her whenever she wants.

I love you too, 198. And I apologize if I offended you by trying to encourage women to be more self-confident and take control of their bodies. EDIT: And assuming that's what you were aiming for, good on you, 191!

Having no hair down there is the norm. Feel free to have a guy be disgusted when gets down there, just so you can have some sort of 'hair pride', good luck with the rumors that follow. But im guessing you're not much of a social person anyway. Good luck with the muff, Chewbacca.

#204-- I was not aware that the only way to socialize with people was to have them perform oral sex on you. Thank you for enlightening me. Also, I'm impressed by how much you seem to know about the state of my genitals and my sexual orientation. Isn't the internet amazing? Yes, I should definitely try to change my body to fit what you, or a hypothetical man with your preferences, personally finds attractive. Silly me and my delusions of gender equality. It's all so clear to me now. I guess I'll just be heading off to the kitchen now! :)

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Ya who wants their pubes on public display? Lol

197/Drigr. You are a true man. Thank you for not being a dick like most. I get so tired of hearing bullshit from guys about that.

How could you think that it wasn't gonna hurt? That's a really sensitive area of skin...

Let's just use logic for a moment - warm wax poured on a sensitive area hardens then hair is ripped out by the roots. Why wouldn't that hurt? Even if logic failed you, have you never seen a movie or television show featuring waxing? Research something before you do it! YDI

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The only reason they say it doesnt hurt is most likely because theyve been doing it for so long they built a tolerance for the pain and they dont feel it as much as there first time

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You have obviously never waxed anything. It hurts like a bitch every time.

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Another reason they'd say it doesn't hurt that much is because they're a business, and telling the truth is no way for them to turn a profit.

I've always waxed everything there, never screamed though.... But it still hurts a little bit every time after all these years.

Does anyone ever wonder how the person giving the wax feels? Personally, I don't know what I would do if someone was screaming like a maniac while I was trying to do my job.

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The 40 Year Old Virgin. Nuff said xD

35 - Erm.. have you had more than 1..2? Yeah, they always hurt, but if you get them regularly you do build a tolerance. Plus, everyone's different. Some people give you, "Wow you're a pussy" looks when youre walking out if you make a sound xD

One of my best friends doesn't find it painful at all..she was literally just calmly chatting with me while the lady was waxing her o.o that's why I thought the pain was not so bad and I agreed to do it myself..I didn't scream but I was crying xD

Get the bikini wax, they said. It will be painless, they said.

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Thats why a pussy should always keep his hair!

Guessing they weren't screams of joy either.

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I'd like to be the waxer. If you know what I mean..

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I know why 94 wants to. He'll never get the chance to see that part of the body in person otherwise.

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I actually have a wonderful girlfriend. We're going on 9 months now. Thank you.

111-does she know that you have your phone number in your "about me" for virtually anybody to see?

I bet you she has no idea he also has a half naked picture and his phone number up.

I've always wondered, can guys get bikini waxes? Not saying he'll wear a bikini but if it's possible for a guy to get waxed there.

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155-yes guys get their pubes waxed!!

Damn they do hurt!! Op hope you get better!!

Of course she will 'get better'. Having a bikini wax is not like having a virus or major surgery.

4/12 you made it sound like OP has some kind of ailment or serious injury.

What do you mean it's terminal? Damn it OP, don't you die on me! You have such a full life ahead of you! Get the defibralator, this girl has had a really bad bikini wax!

They hurt like hell when you get it. And then they sting for a while after.

:( they can do some serious skin damage if they're bad waxers.

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In uncoolgirl31's defense, she probably just misworded "hope you get better." Given her later comment about not implying that the pain of a bad wax was up there with major surgery, I think she just wanted to convey a message on the lines of "I hope the sensitivity from the wax wore off."

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Geez! You people are harsh. She was just trying to show a little empathy. Give the girl a break.

170 HairyPunisher - thank you for understanding. And ucoolgirl31* but it's ok because I'm not cool anyway. 171 Nancyschmancy - thank you for understanding also.

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At least... **** it, I can't find the bright side in this. They ripped the fur off of your ******. I cringed just writing this.

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If you have fur in your ****** there is something seriously wrong with you, hair grows on the pubic mound and the vulva

Well, I tend to associate words like 'mound' with erotic fanfic---****! Anyway, I'm just more comfortable with the term '******'.

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I hear it's bearable if you take half a Percocet before going. With that being said, I'm sure it hurts like hell!!!

Ummm, then is it heaven for a full percocet...

If you have a low pain threshold it's gonna hurt no matter what.

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It's better then showing the public your privates!

This comment baffles me; please explain. Are you saying that she should've felt worse about showing her pubic area to the waxer? Or are you saying waxing and public frontal nudity are the only options in life?

I think he means if you don't get a bikini wax you HAVE to show your privates.

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Obviously, 7 is confused and thinks that bikini waxing means waxing off massive labia.

You stupid bro? I'm sorry, explain exactly what you've been led to believe a bikini wax is for..

I'm not sure what he means, but with my opinion i believe that getting a bikini wax is disgusting. That's a place that you should only show to the person you love, though I'm not judging doorknobs. It would still be wrong IMO to just let random people see and apply wax to it

97 - It's mostly other females that do it. Don't be such a prude.

It really doesn't matter if it's female or male. I have my own mindset and so do you, that doesn't make me a prude.

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Geez people, #7 was clearly making a pun. Lay off the complicated analysis already.

Doorknobs as in people that do it with just about anyone. You know, everyone has a turn?

#97- Just curious, how can you call something wrong without judging it?

I didn't call being a doorknob wrong, though it is.

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When they say it won't hurt too badly, that means it most definitely will.

What did you think would happen when you put hot wax near your lady bits?

Asked myself the same thing so I tried it out with my girlfriend. Damn, was that some crazy sex...