By Essie - 13/5/2021 22:01 - Australia - Sydney

Detective work

  Today, I found out that my boyfriend lied about not only talking to one other girl, but 5 other girls, and it wasn't just talking, it was wanting to meet up, nudes, sex, getting high together etc.. This has been going on for months, and even when I confronted him about it with evidence, he still denied it all. FML
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By  bleachedraven  |  14

Now that he's an ex, learn from it and do better in future choices : )

By  Yummi_913  |  15

If he's your ex: Good. You're better off without that shit.

If he's still your boyfriend: You're allowing him to treat you this way. If you don't have self respect why should he have any for you? If you keep staying with him YDI AND ARE REPEATEDLY ASKING FOR IT.