By moe - 19/10/2010 19:15 - United States

Today, the man who has been my stepfather for six years, has forgotten how old I am. However, he remembers exactly how much my real father owes him for child support. FML
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Your father doesn't owe your stepfather anything. He owes your mother. But still that sucks. put a few extra candles on his next birthday cake?

What a deadbeat.


What a deadbeat.

And apparently you don't have to use periods.

KingDingALing 9's ok. I'm bad with remembering how old people are to. :(

are you serious? your friends aren't your parents but you expect them to know your age no?

hmm doesn't sound like he is a loving step father. plus the money goes to your mom if he wants to get technical. I say this because the court awarded it to her. go take a dump in the driver's seat of his car, piss into the ac vents, and rub limburger cheese on the exhuast manifolds, and coat the radiator with grated parm.

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Your age or money. Hmm......

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Your age or money. Hmmm....

Ouch, good memory for numbers though :D

age is a number...

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only the numbers he cares about

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that just sucks

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that lest he remembers something

So your going to pay him back right?

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u read it wrong

no, just pointing out that since the real dad isn't around the next in line sibling pays the debt lol. was a joke

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Didn't make sense.

I keep forgetting how old my parents are, it's not a really big deal, is it?

#7- #10 :D

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2 bc iwabo was taken, huh...

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so? my real dad doesn't know how old I am?!

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That's not bad. My own biological parents forget how old I am.

awww :/ I'm sorry OP