By Eddie - 07/08/2011 19:43 - Israel

Today, I took my clothes off in front of my girlfriend for the first time. She made a weird face for a moment, then burst into laughter. She couldn't stop laughing, no matter how hard she tried. FML
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What's up with all the FMLs with all these extremely nice girlfriends lately? Like the one that wouldn't kiss her bf cause of a pimple. What a Sweetheart.

Just do the same when she gets undressed.


she's sounds like such a great self esteem booster

lemme guess, you tried putting your pants on two legs at a time o impress her and fell over

eminemchick 19

2 ur pic matches ur comment perfectly.

YourEvilHero 12

I heard the little blue pill works great with that problem.

Eggers 2

if you thumbed up 65's comment and not 69's comment, you're a stupid sheep that knows nothing of the Internet.

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106 is there something I'm missing?

i like how none of these comments have anything to do with #1's comment, whores

yoursucklives 36

put it in her pooper

eminemchick 19

wow thanks for degrading me 106 now i feel so worthless ima ball up in this corner and pretend im a carrot. like that nyan cat guy.

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sunlovinmama 1

She was probably just nervous and inexperienced

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THE PERFECT MOMENT FOR A DICK SLAP, nah jk, unless you wanted to. :D

kameryn25 3

By the sound of it OP couldn't dick slap his girlfriend if he wanted. It's ok though it's not about the size it's about how.... ok it really is about the size F your life OP.

It could have nothing to do with the size of his dick

Maybe he has a cyanide and happiness comic tattooed across his chest?

Polo_X 0

If not the size, then maybe it's the fat rolls covering it...geez I'm a terrible person for thinking this. Sorry man. :( FYL

Maybe she was laughing because his dick was small as hell. In that case he wouldn't of even ben able to DICK SLAP HER! lol

Jvr91 8

Maybe it was L shaped

eminemchick 19

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or maybe it was A B C or D shaped. Or E or F... you get the point. ;)

thomas357 0

I would have

Then what would the problem be huh?

ok... for a moment there i actually thought that id wrote this :L

Tell her now you know how i feel then dump the bitch

maybe all she could of thought was: "that's a clean circumcision"

Haha I remember that FML.

pronounciations 5


Just do the same when she gets undressed.

reallytho3 11

IF she gets undressed u mean...

CookieMonstr19 0

Good idea!show her how it feels

hotrod14 0

how hard she tried or how hard you tried.

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Haha you gaboyz it's funny because... ah fuck it it's just funny xDD

What's up with all the FMLs with all these extremely nice girlfriends lately? Like the one that wouldn't kiss her bf cause of a pimple. What a Sweetheart.

girls with small boobs are hot -_-

^ Ah see what you did thar! Although I must say I "D"isagree lol.

Pimple guy is me :s

duckman9 54

thats just normal. Thats the way girls are these days. You'll just get used to it after a while. Something about all this emancipation story.

Orcina1 3

You should stop arguing over what's a better chest size and just "B"e friends lol

You just couldn't keep it hard, no matter how hard you tried.

nilin95 1

Dude haven't seen you comment in a long time.

kelsey_katie 17

Oh wow. I'm sorry OP:(

acquiesce 6

Break down and cry.