By shit.... - Malaysia - Kuala Selangor
  Today, I was making out with my girlfriend, and things started getting pretty hot. That is, until I tried to remove her shirt. Somehow, I managed to grab her pajama shorts and give her a violent wedgie. FML
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  free2speak  |  14

I actually agree with #1. I am having a hard time imagining how he managed to give her a "violent wedgie" with her pajama shorts... like was he trying to be sexy and trying to mock rip the shirt off but managed to grab both her shirt and shorts? that's the only way I can see it my mind or maybe I am
not very good at imagining things...

  rhidiculous  |  4

you don't necessarily have to be 'an idiot'...just caught up in a fit of passion and in a hurry! it is kind of funny though when my bf pulls up my tank top and gets denied access to the girls because of the built in bra...

  loserboii  |  11

OP could have been embarassed by it and still but it on the website. It doesn't say whether they continued or not. You could be wrong or I could be. *shrugs*