By shit.... - 08/11/2012 18:25 - Malaysia - Kuala Selangor

Today, I was making out with my girlfriend, and things started getting pretty hot. That is, until I tried to remove her shirt. Somehow, I managed to grab her pajama shorts and give her a violent wedgie. FML
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perdix 29

Violent wedgie? Isn't that the 37th Shade of Grey?

magicman13 9

That could be a turn on?Maybe?


cloudygirl5 16

Ouchhhh lol You are an idiot how did u manage that?

blcksocks 19

Duh #1, How do you give someone a violent potato wedge? You add lots of pepper on it.

free2speak 14

I actually agree with #1. I am having a hard time imagining how he managed to give her a "violent wedgie" with her pajama shorts... like was he trying to be sexy and trying to mock rip the shirt off but managed to grab both her shirt and shorts? that's the only way I can see it my mind or maybe I am not very good at imagining things...

Its possible maybe he grabbed the shorts and since he thought it was the shirt he tried to remove it but instead just gave a wedgie

rhidiculous 4

you don't necessarily have to be 'an idiot'...just caught up in a fit of passion and in a hurry! it is kind of funny though when my bf pulls up my tank top and gets denied access to the girls because of the built in bra...

cloudygirl5 16

Hey y are ya disliking my comment?

rhidiculous 4

sorry I didn't use the anatomically correct term..? Kinda got an overreaction from that one sheesh! I'm 26 by the a few years on ya, hun. ;)

However he did it this is a complete ydi, be more gentle with your girl next time at least with the undressing part

magicman13 9

That could be a turn on?Maybe?

Aidan, give me a wedgie!

Perhaps it's what gets her off. Lame pun anyone? Yes? Ok.

winnerme123 8

2- Nothing is more romantic than a nice wedgie to spice up the mood.

Yeah if she likes pain

You deserve that one,pay a little but more attention next time.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Even when you're 21, have you not ever experience hot and heavy foreplay? You usually NEVER pay delicate attention when it comes to such moments!

luckyd880 12

A little "bit" more attention in that comment could have prevented this ironic situation :) tee hee.

How hard did you yank on her clothing?

Hard enough to give her a wedgie.

cloudygirl5 16

Yay I'm first

vanessa09865 23

haha that is so awesome! sucks for you cuz you're probably not gonna be having sex anytime soon but so funny!

JimSweatshirt 6

Hahaha! shut up! not having sex is NOT funny trust me im goin through it as we speak

56- nobody cares

xXxIracebethxXx 14

56 - Actually, that IS funny. Especially if you felt the need to announce it to the world, LOL.

Why would you even pull that hard taking off a shirt?

loserboii 11

Maybe she likes it rough?

If she did, do you think this story would be a FML?

loserboii 11

OP could have been embarassed by it and still but it on the website. It doesn't say whether they continued or not. You could be wrong or I could be. *shrugs*

It does imply that they did not continue. "...things started getting pretty hot. That is, until...."

73 you have a very good eye. I had to double check that one to see if you were right. Just had to point that out. No hatin.

I read it a few times. I figure that's the best way to take in the whole meaning of the FML.

...peanut butter.

Alan2 24

He's smooth like Keith Stone

No, rough. Get it right!