By Anonymous - 05/06/2012 19:34 - United States - Pocatello

Today, I approached a cute girl at a club, when she started barking at me like a rabid dog. Thinking she might be mentally unhinged, I left, only to see the same girl laughing her ass off with her friends minutes later. When I went back over, her friends started barking at me too. FML
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What a bitch. Badum-tsh.

snowman34542 0

Jenna marbles


What a bitch. Badum-tsh.

Back hand bitch slap all them hoes to the ground... Then piss on em mark you bitches as your territory!!

That's why she is barking!!!

11- No offense but your comments usually suck ass.

You don't want that thing to blow you, she'll dig her teeth in your meat and you'll never be the same again. Good thing you survived, psh bitches these days.

No she's not a bitch. It was probably Jenna Marbles.

haycassidy 7

34 that was my first thought!

spekledworf 18

Since I don't have a guard dog, I bark at strangers, like Jehova Witnesses, when they come to the door. It's quite effective

Jenna Marbles- how to avoid talking to someone. best advice ever. The Face always works.

tjv3 10

Well that when you tell them that you might not be the best looking guy in the club, BUT you are the only one that is talking to them

MissBoo101 0

I was wondering who would make the connection to Jenna!!! LIVE HER!! guess u deserved it though!!

itsame0987 18

77 Maybe they aren't there to meet a guy. Some girls go the the club just for fun, and don't want guys to bother them. Still funny they barked at him to make him go away.

...Deserved it for approaching someone he finds attractive? Does that mean instigating relationships is reserved only for women? If it is, we are all doomed...

Sparks808 10

Kudos to you for going back for seconds?

This has Jenna Marbles written alllll over it!!

Maybe she wanted it doggy style?

Sorry bro... Her bark was probably worse than her bite though!

Not if she uses teeth

You usually can't bite without teeth. Without teeth, it's....gumming. That may be pleasurable for op.

Dr0reos 8

You should have said "Bad bitch!NO!NO you dont get a treat"

Thank you, JennaMarbles. :D

what a bitch

damn it I was beaten. :( ill just thumb myself down now in defeat

Sorry, great minds think alike I suppose haha.

not a bitch at all. as everyone is trying to explain. its from a jenna marbles video "how to avoid talking to people" her advice works.

Jenna marbles sounds like a bitch to.

97, Because someone else does it and it is on youtube she isn't a bitch...? No, shes still a bitch for that attitude - depending on how the guy approached her. That said, why would the idiot go back? Its beyond obvious she just didn't want to talk to you, why would you think their laughing at you was suddenly an opening to try again? I voted YDI for this guy being a clueless moron.

I feel like the "bitch" joke is going over a couple of your heads...

97 No one said she was s creative bitch.

125, We got it on comment #1...what do you want, a sudden flurry of "LOLZ" messages on a repeated joke?

Donat96 20

You should have asked if she wanted your bone, if you know what I mean.

Yeah! You're talking about his penis!

hunterluv1 20

ugh posted comment by accident.. on phone.. Can't delete. FML. jk haha but seriously

Good luck playing fetch with that one!

Just hiss like a cat and laugh it off! I'm sure it was all in good fun.

BandWagonGuy 8

It'd be hilarious if the op could voluntarily raise his hair, i can just imagine the randomness.

That would be hilarious. Aha! :)

snowman34542 0

Jenna marbles

LOL, thats exactly what i was thinking

sambo1andonly 5

Just what I was gonna say. Could've been worse. She could've pulled the velociraptor. Or Hellen Keller.

bellaboo95 4

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who made that connection xD

OMG.. i was just thinking the same thing. if only she made "the face"

My favorite is the velociraptor! =) but ya. Totally a Jenna Marbles strategy.

So glad I'm not the only one who made the connection... :)

blondebrunette11 4

I was thinking the same thing.. OP must've been pretty ****** ugly.

Yeah, just looked up "Jenna Marbles" and tht shit Is ******* stupid. WTF people :(

ArielTheMermaid 17

I was thinking that too! Jenna Marbles is awesome

154, no you're stupid. Jenna Marbles is the shit and you don't have a sense of humour.

I think she may have watched a Jennamarbles video

I never realized how many people watch Jenna marbles

singerlove 14

Judging by the fact that she's the most watched female on YouTube....yeah a lot of people have seen her.

She's mentally unhinged alright. So are her friends. Also, I didn't know that clubs allowed children through the door.

I am positive that they got that from Jenna Marbles. Look it up on YouTube.

The face!! Lol

You must look ruff!! Sorry couldn't resist