By Anonymous - 01/10/2010 05:43 - Canada

Today, in an attempt to spice up our relationship, I tied my boyfriend up and did a striptease for him. I pulled my skirt down over my heels but tripped as I tried to step out of it. Not only did I pull a muscle in my leg but I elbowed him in the groin. So much for spice. FML
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amayasoma 19

Well now I know what not to for my boyfriend. Kiss his groin better.

hey honey. it's the though that counts. a zillion guys would trade anyway,


KingDingALing 9

Let your boyfriend uppercuNt you. :p

If you look, at least 40 people have voted YDI.

That's because she did deserve it. She must have the motor skills of a four year old and the sexual prowess if a hippo with downsyndrome...

SmokeMoles 0

Lol accidents happen. Sucks tho. I agree, kiss it better :)

amayasoma 19

Well now I know what not to for my boyfriend. Kiss his groin better.

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dudeitsdanny 9

Really? I think you should do it and plan the stripping a little better. I ******* love when I can watch my girl strip, but she won't let me touch her. Learn from OP's mistake ;P

VampireKiller59 0

either that or consider it rough sex...

It hurts just reading the last parts!!

Well, that's the joy of real life. Cluminess sets in at the most inappropriate times... Shame it led to severe pain on your bf's part.

and hers to dumbass, she pulled a muscle! -.-

Hahaalolz, don't call me a dumbass when it's unfounded. Ok, so I didn't mention she was in pain because I missed that bit of the FML and thought she'd just fallen over. But her pain depends on how badly she pulled a muscle, granted the bf's pain also depends on how hard she hit him.

Ok, maybe now I'm being stupid, but I don't know what that stands for. Well, ok, I tried Wiki, but that didn't give me anything I would imagine you're using it as.

Ah, yes, Pendatik, I forgot about Urban Dictionary. Hahaalolz, you disappoint me, you've just shown that not only are you childish, but that you don't even understand anatomy. Next time, try not to just insult someone without justification. (Telling someone to 'suck your dick' isn't justification)

Cinn- Just ignore the idiots. I love reading ur comments :) keep it up girl.

RedPillSucks 31

Sooooo, .... is hahaalolz a tranny?

RedPillSucks 31

She was the one who said smd (Suck My Dick). I rest my case

sounds like a 1 time thing. he'll never want you to do that ever again

garza559 0

good luck living that one down

lionandthelamb61 9

Looks like you'll be severely disappointed if you try to get kids out of him anytime soon. Think of this carefully it works on two levels.