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Today, I was trolling on a My Little Pony forum. I was midway through typing a big post, calling them all a bunch of attention-seeking losers who act like morons because their parents never loved them, when I broke down in tears, realizing I'd just perfectly described myself. FML
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That was nice of you. Karma's a bitch huh!

Just because they don't like what you or I like doesn't mean that their parents didn't love them, it means they like a fandom. I like Dr. Who does that make me an attention seeking loser?


That was nice of you. Karma's a bitch huh!

Definitely haha. Being on a MLP forum doesn't quite warrant that treatment.

Well I'm glad you had that epiphany to be honest. Most people can't see what's right on front of them.

cryssycakesx3 22

"I was trolling..." -- automagic YDI.

billie_joann 10

OP is the reason people commit suicide; they're too afraid to express themselves in person so they go somewhere they will be accepted and you "troll" on their site to make fun! YDI.

Everyone has money for the gym! Get a better physique everyone will give attention you! And plus it's self betterment & improvement.

This must have been very hard to admit

He never said he was fat...

badluckalex 23

I agree that op deserves it, but i will never understand why people likede mlp... from what I have heard, the majority of its fanbase is middle aged men that do acid??? I read this on another fml about mlp

That's a rather ignorant statement, #114. The vast majority of people who watch MLP are young girls, because that's the target audience. The people that get all the hate, though, are men in their teens and twenties, not middle-aged. "On acid" is a very extreme and rude assumption. Why do men have to be taking drugs to enjoy a tv show? Let them be.

badluckalex 23

I agree that op deserves it, but i will never understand why people likede mlp... from what I have heard, the majority of its fanbase is middle aged men that do acid??? I read this on another fml about mlp

Anyone who purposely goes out of their way to abuse, harass, embarrass or terrorize another person does so because they are in fact miserable with their own life and must attack others to make themselves feel better. YDI.

Wtf does going to the gym have anything to do with this? You could have a perfect body and be one of the most attractive people on earth and still be miserable with yourself. Not everything is about looks.

Good thing you were in a mlp forum op. We will love and tolerate the shit outta you.

bfsd42 20

116, what's with the rant? Didn't you read 115's comment. He explained where he got his information. He has been misinformed, not ignorant. You are the rude one here.

Backtracking a second, OP is not the reason people commit suicide (#39). People commit suicide because they're not mentally stable, and usually don't get very much constructive help about it, and often it's a result of their stupid actions (Amanda Todd for example). If you're getting abused online, grow the fuck up and get over it, and if you're going to kill yourself, anything could provoke that. Anyway, trolling is meant to be for humorous purposes. It's a common misconception that trolling is just the spewing of abuse in the face of someone who doesn't deserve it - it's stirring up discord just to aggravate people over something petty for the joy of watching people act like offended children. Sending death threats to feminists, however, is not trolling; there's a fine line that is often forgotten. OP's comments (assuming it was a brony-populated forum) were trolling, because immature men would get ridiculously offended and butthurt about it. If you think trolling is pointless and stupid, that's different, but it gets completely blown out of proportion.

RedPillSucks 31

Wow. This is a perfect storm of YLS (FML) and YDI

You do realize people commit suicide for other reasons right?

When trolling bites you in the ass

ChristianH39 30

It needs to happen more often, the internet would be a better place

pretty sure anything following "today, i was trolling" = immediate YDI. example: Today, I was trolling on the intermet when my brother hit me with a bat.

Just because they don't like what you or I like doesn't mean that their parents didn't love them, it means they like a fandom. I like Dr. Who does that make me an attention seeking loser?

According to OP, yes, yes it does.

A fellow Whovian on FML!

LordMarshall41 10

Well, the difference there is that Dr. Who wasn't made for girls under the age of 12.

yeah what 77 said theres a difference between watching a sci fi meant for teenagers and up and watching a little girls tv show about magic horses

Actually, Doctor Who was originally intended for kids

Both the Doctor and the pones are fun to me. Allons-y~!

I find it strange how doctor who fans use "dr. who". I used too also but as far as I understand it's incorrect.

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#77 and #86: Who cares? Are these guys bothering you? No. Are they hurting people? No. Are they minding their own business and enjoying a show that's actually pretty good? Yeah! Whether you like or watch the show is an opinion and a choice, but never judge or insult people who are simply going about their lives. It's just rude.

Actually, if you've ever been to any anime conventions, it's often self identified "bronies" that are offering hypersexualized MLP merchandise, which at the very least a tad unsettling, especially considering that it's a show for 6-10 year olds

No it does not, it makes you one of us, a Whovian

117, actually, yes the culture hurts some people. Not me personally but when older men make young girls feel uncomfortable or that they don't belong in a fandom intended for them, then there is an issue. (You can read up on these things, like at cons or the way bronies try to control the show).

If it was a man obsessed with the Tweenies, or Teletubbies, or any other show for six-year-olds, it's creepy. Full stop. Doctor Who is a family-oriented show (granted, originally an educational show for young kids, but anyone who's seen those early episodes would agree they can get quite dark), so it's fine if anyone wants to watch it.

RedPillSucks 31

@86 At the risk of starting a TV war, what about sponge bob? Lots of adults watch sponge bob, but it was (originally?) a kids show. The thing is, lots of kid shows have subliminally adult topics buried in them. Kids don't usually see it, but adults do. I'm speculating that this is how the fandom develops? Thoughts??? Here are a few more... Teletubbies Ren and Stimpy Pee wee's playhouse

You have a point, but adult Spongebob fans generally take the stance of "this is a kids' show, I remember watching this as a kid", rather than "too many kids watch this show, the writers cater to them, not the real, immature older fans".

Yes and Legos were made for children from 9 to 14. Just because something was originally made for one age group doesn't mean other age groups can't enjoy it.

"Takes one to know one" has some merit to it after all.

awh! you can be a brony now too! :) cheer up buttercup. ♡☆

cryssycakesx3 22

lucky him...

YDI for being an attention-seeking loser who act like a moron because your parents never loved you.

that's what you get for going on those kinds of sites!

Takes one to know one.

Thats such a waste of time. Why dont you try and do something that makes you happy instead of putting others down for what makes them happy.

What if it usually makes him happy?

If putting others down is what usually makes OP happy then thats very sad.

there's a lot of people around who find happiness in putting others down, unfortunately

if society doesn't find something odd about grown men becoming sexually aroused by animated pony cartoons meant for little girls, then we must be too sensitive these days

I'm pretty sure it's a tiny minority of MLP fans that get sexually aroused by the show, most people just watch it because it's a TV show they like.

I guess that would explain the sex toys then. because if a lot of people don't like something companies invest in it and sell it right ?

pazuzus_intern 10

141 my little pony is hardly the first thing that was meant for kids that is oversexualized nor is it the first kids show to make it into the sex toy and pornography market. We live in a world with a wide variety of fetishes, some of them MUCH weirder than this and harmful to others, which I imagine is what society is worried about. LIKE IT SHOULD BE!

RedPillSucks 31

Rule 34, 36, and 39.... 'nuf said.

It's actually quite funny saying almost nothing and getting almost screamed at over the internet.

Get a life please. :)