By Anonymous - United States
Today, I finally accepted I need help with my anxiety issues. I started small and I joined a support forum and wrote a post. I was quickly called a troll by multiple users, accused of faking it, and told to "fuck off back to Tumblr" because they wouldn't believe my anxiety is really so serious. FML
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  ChopSuey444  |  20

Joining a support group for anxiety and being trolled is probably going to cause more anxiety. Anxiety Attack caused by Anxiety Support would be ironic, I believe.

  SueAnn23  |  8

Some people online are so crude. They don't understand that there's an actually person behind the computer and that they have feelings. I hope you find the help that you need! I have anxiety also, mental disorders are hard! don't give up on getting help it will get better!

By  colton_colton  |  49

Try and get some professional help. Screw tumblr people


People from every social media platform can be annoying sometimes for that matter. In fact...people in general are annoying sometimes...what a groundbreaking discovery! Everyone has the ability to be an asshole!!

  fuckercakes  |  21

Well I'm hella on tumblr and also have anxiety. If you're on the right side, tumblr is actually very helpful to those with conditions and disabilities, there are tons of heart lifting and motivational posts

  kirkaygri  |  18

Everyone trivializes mental illness. I'm OCD, and not the funny kind. The I can't concentrate on anything else in the world because there is an uneven number of forks in the silverware drawer OCD. And it sucks. Some people don't see how debilitating it is. Also, bipolar, but I've been able to manage that with medication. It's not mood swings like people laugh about. Mental disorders are a real problem for the ones who truly suffer.

  frostedfoster  |  15

Most people still believe that mental illness is something you can just get over. I have BPD, with sever social anxiety. it's s struggle everyday. Especially since I had adverse reactions to the multiple drugs they tried to put me on. I feel for ya OP. Keep fighting the good fight.

  mellajella  |  14

I've been on those support forums before. I went because I had social anxiety and was looking for people like me because I had no friends. People just ignored me. Lol

  CrassKal  |  27

I started taking medicine for anti-anxiety. They've helped a TON but I still have a ways to go. Not everyone wants to go the pharmaceutical route, but I highly recommend it.

  sdroze1389  |  31

low doses of xanex three Times a week has changed my life, the pharmaceutical route just gets a bad shake. see an actual professional, not internet trolls.

  RayneSmytson  |  24

I was having breakdowns in class worrying about totally unrealistic things before I went on medication. Medication is fantastic and really helps, it's just that it doesn't solve the problem long term unless you stay on them for extensive periods of time.