By animorpher - 24/10/2015 01:21 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my husband and I spent 10 of our last $20 on pizza. Upon arriving home, I stepped out of the car and slipped on some mud, losing my balance and dropping the open box right into the mud. FML
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animorpher tells us more.

Okay, okay. Let me clear up a couple things. lol. First, me and my husband were sneaking toppings, and I couldn't get the box shut again. I didn't think it would be a big deal, I had enough confidence in myself to make it from the car to the house without a mishap (foolishly.) Second, that was the last of just our spending money for the next couple days. I didn't go broke on pizza :) and lastly, the pizza did get replaced. we returned with the sad mess that was supposed to be dinner, we all wept a little, said a prayer for the pizzas that don't make it home, and they gave me a fresh new one :)

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hopsinlove17 26

Depending on how long you have to wait to get more money I wouldn't be spending half the money on one meal. Make the dollars stretch as best as you can and good luck to you all op.


They're eating it already! What did you think? It was Pizza!

Eating pizza in the car is a horrible idea getting cheese off the seats is a pain in the neck!

KeannaLove 32

As much as I don't like him, what does Obama have to do with this? Maybe OP and her husband handled their finances horribly which got them to when're they are.

Redoxx_fml 22

And you're 10 years late with that haircut .

Where did you get that witty comeback? The douche store?!

Redoxx_fml 22

Nah the toilet store. Same place you got that haircut.

lol apply cold water to the burned area :D

Redoxx_fml 22

Talk about old jokes what's next a "yo momma joke"? Lol

Redoxx_fml 22

#16, your haircut's fine. #2, you're an asshole. No one liked your joke, get the **** over it.

hopsinlove17 26

Depending on how long you have to wait to get more money I wouldn't be spending half the money on one meal. Make the dollars stretch as best as you can and good luck to you all op.

If they only had 1 slice each, they could have potentially made the pizza last 4 meals.

bobbybev95 17

One pie can go a long way depending on how you ration it

Sometimes if money is tight and you are stressed out it can be nice to just get a pizza and chill out for a bit. Money worries can make your whole life unbearable but having one day or even one meal to just forget about it can really help.

I often get pizza when I'm low on funds. I can make a large pizza last almost a week - I've done it several times.

#62 knowns what is up. I am in that exact situation now and last night I decided the least important thinf on Earth is money and got myself and my wife a nice meal. Might come up short on a bill or two but I dont care right now.

Been there myself, sometimes you just have to say **** it and have a pizza!

Back in my college days I was piss poor. I would buy pizzas from Pizza Hut. Regular price four bucks four bucks if any of you remember that. Anyway, between that and ramen noodles ld make $20 stretch an entire week, provided I rationed myself to 2 slices per day. I clicked YDI at first, but then I remembered what it was like to be poor.

Sound financial advice. Oh, hold on... thats the whole premise of the FML. Spending money they don't have on something they shouldn't have that ultimately they use (eat). #49 and #59 - I can eat a whole pizza in a single sitting, so **** that. #67 No. You pay your ******* bills 1st. Then you go out for nice meals and luxuries. An attitude like that is how you end up in the shit.

mads_nicole 19

#97, no need to be a dick. I could easily eat a half a pizza in my own but if I had to make it last, I would pace myself. You make shit work when you're broke. Also, $20 isn't going to do shit if you have to pay bills. They could've possibly paid their bills already and that be the reason why they don't have much money right now.

Re-read my comment - I was referring to commenter #67 that says, and I quote, "Might come up short on a bill or two but I dont care right now". You can cook amazing meals at home for much less than a $10 pizza. And you say that $20 doesn't get you anywhere. Well, you know what gets you even less? $10. And these guys just spent half of their savings on one meal (that she ******* dropped, anyway). And yes. Some people need a ******* wake up call in regards to their finances. Many many people do NOT live within their means. How many people do you know that dont earn much and have credit cards and a car loan? How many people do you know that are "poor" (that term is pretty relative, hence the quotation marks), but when they come into money, splurge and piss it away? Tip for you - it doesnt matter how much you earn. People can earn $200K+ and still be struggling because of debt. People can earn much less, and budget carefully, and can live relatively stress free. Do a Google search for "The Barefoot Investor" (an Australian independant media financial "guru"), and check out some of the letters he recieves. Check out his matra on saving and investing, too...

None of that gives you an excuse to act so rudely... whether or not your opinion is valid, other people can have valid opinions as well, yours is not the only one that can be right, try being a little considerate when you talk to people...

Yeah, well.. when your dog pisses on the rug, you can calmly ask it not to do it again, or you tap it on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. Both are appropriate reactions. Only one will work, though.

HEnRyEdwardsIII 15

@hopsinlove17 You're right...their investment's dividends were definitely in arrears..

HEnRyEdwardsIII 15

@hopsinlove17 You're right...their investment's dividends were definitely in arrears..

Should've bought something cheaper, like ramen

Next time try to watch were your stepping =] also try to spend wisely next time haha have a good one =]

This is why I highly recommend pizza insurance.

I'm not sure if it's the same in bigger cities, but where I live most often they will replace something like a pizza for free if you drop it (if it is something you do often and call in they won't). They will not deliver it, but if you call they will usually make a new one and let you pick it up at no charge. Pizza insurance would be cool though :)

I highly suggest you guys invest in some Ramen noodles. Them things are always cheap and filling. Sorry you guys are having a tough time OP.

And lacks almost all essential nutrients except sodium. Rice, beans, and cheap vegetables are the way to go.

"And lacks almost all essential nutrients" Pizza isn't much better..

Pizza has the ability to have all major food groups! Vegetables, Dairy,Meat, Grains!

Pizza is way worst for you it is insanely high in calories and fats while you are gonna get an overload in carbs and small amount of protein from the cheese which can ultimately constipate you.

SilverInGray 25

High in calories isn't necessarily a negative here.

RockstarJAy 16

It also can cause cancer if you eat it too frequently.

Buy a bunch of ramen and eggs. Hopefully it will last till pay day :)

Spending your last $20 on pizza is what's bothering me here.

Its okay, OP said they only spent $10 of their last $20 :) Unless they go back to replace the pizza :p