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By Anonymous - 03/10/2019 04:00 - United States - Boston

Today, I told my fiancé he needed to spend at least one night a week at home with his daughter or we will pack up and leave. He responded by getting a suitcase. FML
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As a parent myself, i can see just how ****** up this is. im so sorry, op.

When a man stepped up as a father and take his place, his ass bet not get mad.


As a parent myself, i can see just how ****** up this is. im so sorry, op.

I'm confused. where else is he sleeping?

Traveling_Book 9

I’m assuming he’s not away for work related reasons, correct? Can’t force someone to be a parent. Just be there for yalls daughter. You’ll have to be mom and dad.

Well, his daughter is most likely living with her mom who's either an ex-GF or ex-wife. He's going to someday regret not spending any (quality AND quantity) time with his daughter while she "pays the price" physically (apart), mentally, & emotionally for years to come.... :-( Doesn't OP mean that SHE would be leaving him, not "we" ie, both of them (which will separate him from his daughter even more)? Per "we," huh? Good luck (w/o him), OP! You and his daughter certainly deserve better.

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No, she means she’ll take their daughter and leave him. If he doesn’t care enough about his own child to spend ONE DAY a week with her, he’s in no way going to be a positive influence on her emotionally, and he’s clearly not interested in that type of family life if OP even has to threaten him like that. I’ve seen it happen, and the effect on the child is so much worse than either parent. OP, take your daughter and run. You’re better off alone or with someone who will actually care about your child.

Setting ultimatums like that doesn't usually help or lead to constructive discussions. At least if it's the way it reads here "Do what I want or I'll leave".

What do you mean by "we"? Isn't it supposed to be "you"? "You will pack up and leave"? The guy is never home; you can still get back in the house with your daughter and say it properly when he comes back. If he comes back.

I think he pulled out the suitcase for her.

It’s “we” as in her and the child. Not that hard to comprehend.

I’m so sorry that happened. Honestly, if that’s how he feels, I’d take that suitcase and you two go. He’s calling the bluff, show him it wasn’t. His reaction to your leaving will show his true character and will give you a better view of what you’re about to marry into. If he comes for you, it’ll show him you’re not kidding and he will lose you two, tells you that you’re important enough for him to man up and be a father your daughter needs. If he doesn’t, means you two weren’t as important to him as you should be, and that’s not something you want to marry into. If that’s the case, forget his deadbeat ass and focus solely on you and your daughter.

When a man stepped up as a father and take his place, his ass bet not get mad.

Call his Mama (If she doesn't hate you that is), tell her the shit he's pulling. Many a man is a super stud, until mama takes back those balls she made for him.

Wadlaen 23

I'm a bit confused, but when you say 'his daughter', I assume it's your daughter too, since you're threatening to take her with you when you're leaving, and not a daughter of him from a previous relationship/one-night-stand, as some of the previous comments seems to suggest..?

courtalex 5

I think she just worded it that way so we know she is in fact his daughter rather than a step-dad situation