Don't feed the trolls

By pathetic - 23/04/2012 22:06 - Poland - Warsaw

Today, I was trolling in a chat room when someone said, quote, "He's just a no-life, unemployed loser still living in his mom's basement. Probably spends all day stroking his tiny dong and fantasizing about having a real girlfriend." I actually started crying because it was so accurate. FML
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I think step one is getting a job and moving out of his mother's basement.

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24-I CAN NOT believe you are defending this douche. Are you that ******* clueless? Do you even know what a troll is? Do yourself a favor and shut the **** up.

Okay i know he deserved it and all but you really have to vote that his life sucks cause lets be honest......... It does. And 24 how do more than 9/10 men do that? Soooo is it 10/10?

Whoa 31 has your vocabulary just reached a point where you include *gasps* curse words in your sentences? Do yourself a favor and don't curse to make yourself seem tough. As for the FML, yes I do know what trolling is, but when a troll gets "umad" who truly is the immature one? I would expect the internet to be free of trolling haters but apparently not yet. 39- it's more than 9/10 in a sense such as 95/100 I'm just guesstimating, can't say for sure but it sure as hell is 90% or more in most age groups

this is possibly the most pathetic fml ever

Even on an FML about trolling, people still feed the trolls. Troll of this thread: ComedyBreak.

46-Get out of your little airy fairy bubble where people being idiots is a call for sympathy. He doesn't deserve it because of his physical or financial circumstances. He deserves it for trolling the lobby to begin with. That is the main point if the FML, a point you couldn't miss unless you're a fool. By the way, I wasn't swearing because of limited vocabulary. It was because I was dumbfounded ignorance like yours still existed. Grow a brain.

You obviously don't know what a troll is, 41. They're ******* cancer. And as for "Ooh, he used curse words" I have a few for you: You need a nice glass of shut the **** up. I'm cursing to illustrate a point of how much of a stupid **** you are. Trolls aren't "Umad bro", That's the 10 year-old kids who don't know 2+2. Now, you can go die in a hole, that's all.

46. They call them cuss words, curse words look more like this "I condem your soul to the depths of hell" For future reference

Unless you're referring to a stubborn person, there is no "cuss." As for the rest of you I find it amusing how someone who had an opposing viewpoint deserves death. Your logic is the same barbaric logic as 300 DC I'd expect for us as a human race to develop to a point where we don't wish death upon others. I find it ironic how you all probably have trolled, masturbated, and live with your moms but when it comes too an FML, it's suddenly against the law to do those things the poor guy was just amusin himself.

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Though I'm not saying he doesn't deserve it, I kinda (sorta) agree with comedybreak (if he's being serious) about giving OP some sympathy. This FML was so pathetic, it made me really sad. OP, I hope you use this incident (as silly as this may sound) to start and try to turn thugs around. It may not be easy, but you should make an effort to get at least a part time job. Go out to social events more, or just hang out in public places to meet people. There are people out there who care, and would want to be friends, you just got to stop acting like a douche on purpose. And as for the 'tiny dong' part, WHEN (not if =] ) you find the person who loves you for who you are, I'm sure you can work on the sex. Who knows, maybe you'll get a virgin who won't know any better? ^_^"

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OP's probably crying his eyes out after seeing some of your comments...

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You dont need to be an asshole. Just cause he doesnt have a trust fund and live off his dads money like you doesnt give u a reason to say that

97- What makes you think that 1 lives off of his dad's money? OP could get a job even at like a fast food joint or store. he doesn't have to stay at home and troll on chat rooms. he could do something.

nikkkkkiii 7

Well 97, I don't live in my mom's basement trolling people all day and I also don't live off a trust fund. There's a nice middle ground there called working for what you've got. Just sayin.

He's better at trolling than you're. You lose.

Way to kick people when they're down, you guys. OP is obviously unhappy and trolling because of it. Maybe karma will hit you guys when you're down and that's when you realize not to do it to others. His karma already caught up with him. Obviously he feels bad and sees the error of his ways because he ended up crying. People are going through rough times right now. Being an asshole to an asshole helps no one and sends bad karma your way. OP, try and make a more productive life for yourself if you're unhappy. Get a job and meet people. Action and progress will make you feel better than trolling.

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. The second is dealing with the backlash of everyone else when you acknowledge it.

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161 - this doesn't have to do with karma at all. Op probably just didn't get the best job, a lot of people can't right now. That doesn't mean you also have to have small meat, fantasize about a gf and live in your mom's basement. Jut find an apartment, a girl, and move on!

Just because OP is feeling down doesn't give him a free pass to troll.

161- I'm sorry, but "feeling bad" doesn't give anybody a free pass to act like a dick.

Screw you.Your the next one who needs a life.Stereotypical Jerk!

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161, If he was unhappy, then why would he, instead of getting a job, spend his wasted day making others miserable with trolls

223 - You try paying for an apartment without a job.

And is that basement under a bridge by chance?

Always comes around to bite you in the ass

Like Justin Timberlake said, what around comes back around *high pitched voice* I thought I told you, yeah yeahh

Karma?? What did he do to deserve this ??

Is it just me or did this sound too good to be true. I believe the person who posted this was just trying to troll the trolls.

111- He was trolling in a chatroom, so he deserved to get told off by the other user. Not that he deserves those said misfortunes, but if he spends all day trolling, wanking, and fantasizing, he will stay unemployed in his mother's house until he changes his routine.

196 - don't forget having a small dick. That makes OP even more of a depressed loser.

Yeah! My I knew my comment was accurate!

I wouldn't want to brag about having such poor grammar, even if you were using it to make fun of someone clearly more pathetic than you.

My grammar is poor? Just because of a little typo where I wrote "My" by accident?

Not gonna lie but 32 was being a tad melodramatic there.. Some of these grammar nazis on FML are really going over the top.

I read it as "my,..." and it still made sense... What's the grammar nazi anthem?

Those grammar nazis, we must ally ourselfs against them!

I meant the grammatical mistake in the original post, dipstick. Does being such a moron hurt?

See, there are two types of grammar nazis: 1) the ones who understand typos 2) wannabe grammar nazis who flip out at the slightest mistake or typo I think badbadkitty fits into the latter category.

Ok badbadkitty, what were my mistakes? If you were a real Grammar Nazi, you would have told me. No you see, you're just a stupid bitch! I think you're worse than OP.

Yeah umm badbadkitty you might wanna just stop talking now

Badbadkitty- wow ease need to be bitchy and flip out on someone who didn't even really make a mistake

Badbadkitty- WoW guRl youz gotSta laY oFf thA gRammaH naZi ShiaaT, BiAtCh. Correct that shit Einstein.

tmmundy 17

Wow...I think y'all shut that bitch up!!! lmao...why do people gotta be haters all the time? Oh I know why, because they think it will make themselves look good or smart, well news flash badbadkitty, all you did was make yourself look STUUUUPPPIIIDDDD!!!

3, ourselves*. My, I knew* 'Grammar/spelling nazi' is an exaggerated term. While 32 has no idea what she's on about, it gives you, nor anybody else a right to compare her to a narrow minded radical mass murderer, nor anyone else who simply prefers the language not to oversimplify, AGAIN. It's already in the trash, why further it down? It's not that difficult to use proper grammar, unless you have a disorder to excuse it.

Like I said, the "my" was a typo. It had absolutely nothing to do in the sentence.

thatsucks42 4

160- You're lucky you're doing that to prove a point. Must resist urge to correct!

mduffy08 8

Badbadkitty - I really do hope your a fat-ass low life, who has to find FML stories like this one to make yourself feel better about "proper grammar". How about you lose some weight and grow the **** up. :)

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Actually 211 I have to disagree. She gave us the right to snub her down and belittle her when she did first cast the stupid marks. So in other words do on to others as you have done to you.

Hey 114 are you fat? Cause you look really fat . Instead of trolling and being a grammar nazi why not do something productive like going to the gym .

114. I bet you are more pathetic than op. You pathetic little shit. It's one thing to be a bitch but an arrogant little bitch.

Jeffers123 5

114# you got some issues.... Just stfu b4 everybody realizes how utterly bothersome u r

jaystreet46 4

Oh, plus you're fat. FACE!

Challenge accepted. Wow, girl, you've got to lay off the Grammar Nazi shit, bitch. Challenge completed!

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Maybe you should, you know, do something with your life.

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Agreed... And on OP, one of the few FML's to come out of Poland and its this? You're giving us a bad name!

If only it were that simple for everyone. Has the unemployment rate/state of economy occurred to you?

The economy in poland? Uhh no, it hasn't occurred to me XD. The job is only one of the many the many things he can fix though. Step one: Stop Trolling. Thats what got him in that position anyway.

212- it can be that simple! Get off the couch and get a job! Fast food places are always hiring, you can walk dogs for money, mow peoples yards for money or pretty much do anything. People who make excuses in life get no where and people who keep blaming the government/economy for everything also get no where. Channel the energy that you use to troll or bitch and use it towards a productive way.....just a thought

212-Seems legit. Because trolling is the logical thing to do when the economy gets rough.

Oh pretty good. Mom just got a new box of hot pockets and i just leveled up in WoW. Wbu?

Now I think I'm going to start crying because you pretty much summed up my entire teenage lifetime.

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Perfect, 102. I think I've heard this before verbatim

Never have I ever seen an FML so worthy of a YDI and the OP facing scrutiny.

Go look at the top flops of all time then go about four or five down. It'll be one about throwing a rock at a homeless guy.

In my tiny corner of the world I am aware of two people that match that description. No telling how many match it world wide.

Bahaha :') now my 95 year old grandmother wants to know why I burst out laughing :') thanks perdix

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Why don't you take their advice and go get a life?

A life?!? Where can I find one of those?

You can make a life yourself, its much better than those cheap WalMart lives :P

But what about the penis? What is he suppose to do there?

alychick 5

Lol sale!!! Get your free life's here !!!!!!

51 - Take it one step at a time: Get a LifeWater Then, when you think you've got that handled: Get a Life-preserver And finally a Lifeboat, Then you can sail out to sea if you can find a life.

Walmart had a nice sale going on recently, we missed it. :(

Try the thrift store. They usually have some decent used life's; plus, they're pretty cheap.

That's pretty much how I imagine every troll on the Internet.

Maybe that's why they do it. Make everyone else as miserable as them.

throw in a star trek shirt and seedy chiselled moustache and its complete

"********? I've never heard of that Pokémon..."

Thanks! About a week from now I'll be arriving in San Diego.