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Today, I was really stressed, so I tried to let it out by crying. It lasted about 30 seconds, and I was making fun of myself the whole time. Even my subconscious thinks I'm pathetic. FML
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Crying isn't your thing obviously. Try working out :)

Or sleeping. I fucking love sleeping


Crying isn't your thing obviously. Try working out :)

TheDrifter 23

Or drinking, it works wonders for those of us without a sentimental side.

11 - Better yet, drugs. Cocain, heroin and LSD can greatly enhance your life.

Those aren't healthy ways to relieve stress. They'd cause more stress if anything

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Better yet, smoke a little herb and work out. Well work out, then smoke. You'll release all your stress and be in a great mood for the rest of the day.

Or sleeping. I fucking love sleeping

reddudeover 2

18 - For you maybe, obviously those aren't YOUR things. Like YOU originally implied not everyone's the same.

Tweekz14 5

36- I don't think 18 picked up on the sarcasm..

TheDrifter 23

Rub one out, smoke a blunt, wash away the pasties with a bottle of Gin, do a couple pushups and take a nap. That covers all your bases, so it's practically guaranteed to work. You're welcome.

theHIGHroad2 5

Clearly someone is having signs of schizophrenia!

calvo_07 13

You sir are a genius

36- hahaha ok, whatever works then!

DeadxManxWalking 27

Or playing games.

challan 19

21- if you didn't smoke so much herb you'd remember what order to go in. ;) But, all in all, I agree with everyone Op! Workout, have a drinky poo (or smoke), masterbate and then have a relaxing nap. That's my favorite kind of day.

103 for a second I thought you were saying to drink some poo. I was incredibly confused before I realized my mistake.

italiancows 8

The first thing I saw when I looked at this FML was "it lasted 30 seconds" which gave me the wrong idea...

What he should try is all natural mota.

Working out is one of the best ways to relieve stress. I do it all the time.

Naww.. Here's a virtual hug from across the ocean.. I hope you feel better, things will fall into place eventually. :)

OP, I'm the same way. You're not the only one

hugs from Sweden. :)

You have crossed the barrier into total fail

People whit write their name in a mixture of letters and numbers are total fails.

Welcome to FML, P374RD3D. You're gonna need The Grammar Book, Dictionary, Thesaurus and, probably, an Encyclopedia on hand; you've entered the land of genius smart-asses, and vice versa. Change your name or you will be brutality slaughtered by the Grammar Nazis. Seriously. Also, on an aside, my phone suggested Nabisco in place of Nazis. Even my phone doesn't want to bring up WW2. Nope, let's talk cookies and crackers! Go ahead and thumb me down.

3 -You have crossed the barrier into being totally unfunny and making rude, unnecessary remarks that no one cares about. Congratulations.

#3 has a shit name but he has a point. Pity and sympathy isn't going to resolve anything, OP needs to realize his failures in life and work towards a resolution. Good job #3 in telling OP the cold hard truth.

#112- That is terrible advice. Sometimes you just need a good cry. It doesn't make you weak nor does it mean you're having a pity party. It relieves stress. Also, focus on your triumphs and not your failures. Everybody has their shortcomings, but you can use your strengths to compensate or learn to overcome. Don't focus so much on the negative. End of rant.

Loveboat123 0

.... Maybe your subconscious thinks you're too strong to be crying

Ya dude lift weights or something just don't cry about it, do something about it.

I know this gets old, but I am shocked by proper use of your/you're.

YDI. Let it out.

raraisbang 12

I'm not sure how op did it, but I am sure that only a jackass would say op did it. Everyone has a nutso breakdown occasionaly. It's just a fact. Sometimes, life can really suck :D

28, YDI stands for You Deserve It, not You Did It.

raraisbang 12

In this case does it really matter? Op obviously didn't deserve or do it to themselves. Obviously op is stressed. Congrats on trolling. :D

I was just letting you know...

I don't think many people know what trolling is...

dethbunny 0

I think he meant that OP deserved to let it all out, not that he deserved to be stressed...

Instead of breaking down like that, talk to someone about your feelings and try to enjoy your life a little

That's your grand idea? Crying will help you relieve stress? How about simply bypassing the melodramatic bullshit and addressing the problem head on?

why can't OP do both? obviously they have some deep-seated self esteem issues, which definitely hurts enough to cry about. they never said they were not going to face their problems as well.

Not only those with self esteem issues will cry. It's a universal reaction to stress, anguish, etc.

simplylost643 0

#7- I like it! Simple, no nonsense, productive, and rewarding. Figures that people on here would thumb it down though.

Head on, apply directly to the forehead.

1crabbygirl 10

Even when the "problem" is getting solved, the stress can still happen. a workout is my drug of choice also.

46 - im assuming OP has self esteem problems because they were thinking they're pathetic for crying. o:

Crying can actually help with depression and such things, I'm surprised you didn't know that Doc...

Vociferouslife 4

Hahaha you're SN certainly suits you, doc.

Bobissmall - I'm surprised you didn't read my comment #76 where I fully acknowledge that crying can reduce stress. Now kindly hop off my nuts. Your trolling attempt has failed again.

xStaciexLynnx 15

I agree with Doc. From the FML it doesn't sound like OP was so upset that (s)he just started crying. (S)he was being dramatic and trying to force tears. Get over it.

Purposely crying is a bit weird, but I find when major things happen that make me stressed sometimes I cry, like when I don't make a team I really wanted to make or do bad on a test. Point is if your going to cry about something don't do it forever and don't mope about it forever just do what you need to do to make things better, you dont get anywhere crying but sometimes for a short time you just have to let it out,

Doc why you always dismiss people who prove you wrong as failed trolls? You seem to be an asshole who won't admit it.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Perhaps it's a sign that feeling sorry for yourself gets nothing done. Take a few deep breaths, then man up and face your problems.

reddudeover 2

Yeah, op take a few deep breaths and sow that shit. ANY emotion from a man is a sign of weakness. And then people will wonder why you snapped and killed 30+ people because of your unresolved emotional problems.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

You think calming down is a bad idea, as opposed to further upsetting yourself? Sounds like you could use some of my advice. Relax. Breathe.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Just for clarification, I never said it was weak for a man to cry. I've told women to "man up" before. It simply means to stop feeling sorry for yourself, get up, and conquer your obstacles, because no one else is going to do it for you. Nothing boosts self-confidence like overcoming your insecurities on your own. I speak from personal experience.

reddudeover 2

47 - And that's just the problem your PERSONAL experience isn't universal. Some peolple are working through their problems and trying hard, it's not about feeling sorry for yourself its about releasing stress and for somepeople crying does that it's cathartic.

ss_20_xx 14

Both of you are right. Yes crying does help some people (including me) when they're really stressed and just want to 'let it all out.' After that's done, you 'man up' and deal with your problems with a light head. =)

Everyone and then there is nothing like crying and beating up a pillow to recharge. Little kids have it right. Well for those that that method works for. Sometimes you can't change what is stressing you and before you can change how you are reacting to it a brain dump is required.

63, I have seen the effects of Vasilisa's suggestion, however personal, reproduced on a significant enough number of people for me to say that it seems to apply to a large number of people. I have also seen the other extreme, which works out significantly worse. I would say that a balance isn't quite the answer here - in my opinion, it should be a little closer to "manning up". It's ok to feel sorry for yourself occasionally and cry about it, but overdo it by just a tiny amount and you're shooting yourself in the foot rather badly. On an aside, experience is the best teacher. And if you're giving someone advice and can empathise, rather than just sympathise, with them it trends to be a lot more effective in the long run. WHICH is why I have a problem with a lot of therapists.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Reddudeover, why are you so hostile? You wouldn't happen to be OP by chance, would you? Because you're acting a little too defensive for it to not raise my suspicions. Of course my experiences are personal. Brilliant deduction. Hence why I'm offering my suggestions, which worked for me. It's obvious that OP's methods aren't working to his advantage. Stop trying to pick a fight with everyone here, it's growing tiresome.

reddudeover 2

Tell that to the parents of a teen who was bullied and didn't just "man up", but instead killed themselves. Or the one that did and was subsequently harmed. I'm not saying the answer is simple (I don't think you're saying that either), it's very nuanced. But crying and feeling sad about the situation you're in isn't diametrically opposed to trying to get out of it. That might just be your way of coping.

reddudeover 2

What have I said that's hostile?

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Well I can't do that, can I? They're dead. If you care to read this, this is what I mean by 'manning up' : I myself was cruelly bullied for a great portion of my life, for every reason imaginable. I was a foreigner living in a very xenophobic town, and had a hard time communicating. I was also living in a violent and abusive home for my entire life. No one to go to. My friends treated me cruelly, my teachers didn't give a shit, and I could go on and on with my sob story, but I'll get to the relevant point. No amount of crying or wallowing in my own misery ever helped me. It brought me down further than I could even imagine. I still battle endless bullshit in my adult life. Being anti-social in a very people-heavy area, being mistreated by my bosses at a dead-end job, medical ailments I can't afford to have treated. And you know what I do? If I must have a good cry, it is short and controlled. I let out the stress, but I don't beat myself up. Afterwards I pick myself the fuck up, release my physical energy into a session of Yoga, meditate, and get on with my day with a clear mind. My point is that crying does release stress, but if you're going to kick yourself when you're down, 'man up' and try to pull yourself out of that hole. There is no instant long-term solution. And I do not feel pity for suiciders either. After all my personal failed attempts, I feel stupid for getting to that point, yet proud that I 'manned up' and forced my logical side to control the emotional one. Sorry for this obscenely fucking long autobiography, but I know what I'm talking about. Manning up is not getting drunk and punching out some yutz at a bar. It's collecting yourself, and knowing that no one has true control over your life but you.

reddudeover 2

Longest post I've ever seen and all this has been futile because we agree in the first place. I don't think someone should stay down, that's why they're crying, crying doesn't have to be a completely depressing sad thing. Tears of joy, "crying" from laughter, crying and getting all of the pain out so they can turn around and "man up". I've always felt renewed on the rare occasions where I do cry and just get all that's eating me up out. I've even laughed afterward both at me crying and my problems it's hard to explain it feels like I'm physically getting all of the pain out and pressing reset.

tylersign 11

Ok. This is weird, but we just did Yoga in chemistry.. Try it. Meditation and Yoga helps so much, in my opinion. No, I'm not crazy... O.o

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

They work wonders for my anger and stress everytime, and are healthy for the body as well as the mind.

TheDrifter 23

Sitting still only gives me time to think, which is guaranteed to get my anger stoked. The only long term cure for stress is to eliminate the cause. Now to ponder a method that doesn't involve a shotgun and the trunk of a Cadillac.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

The only way to get to the long term cure is with the aid of several short term cures. The point of Yoga and meditation is to clear your mind, so you don't think about killing people. With your mind free of negative thoughts, you build up your tolerance to negative outside stimuli. Thus the path to your goals opens up, and the obstacles seem far less threatening and easier to conquer.

TheDrifter 23

I see now, I'm doing it wrong. It's a scary, scary place in my mind, letting it plot is a bad thing. Clearing the mind is a good thing, but I need to do something familiar and repetitive, like working the forge, so I can let my mind wander without my hands wanting someone to choke.

Just go jerk off like most men with stress.