By ams - 13/03/2010 01:23 - United States

Today, I was telling my sister about the stupid sorts of questions I get asked at work. She looked at me and said "I give you five years until you turn into a raging, chain-smoking corporate bitch." My mom agreed. FML
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itz_towelie 6

prove your mom and sis wrong, do it in 3 years

You think you get asked stupid questions? Try working at T-Mobile. I never realized how many idiots there are in our world until I got this job. "Why mine phone ain't on? I gots to call my boyfran to tell him i know hims cheatin on me! Why mine phone ain't on??" "You didn't pay your bill, ma'am." "Didn't nobody done told me I had to pay no damn bill. So why mine phone ain't on??" *mutes phone and sighs*




HamsteronA 0

lol. still hate you though

ur such a troll....

mcgugs 0

hey look guys! the second comment!

dudeitsdanny 9

That was a trolling fail =) haha

wow I hate that kid

haha congradulations!!!!!! on your lifes dream accomplishment lol

go home, LG. you're supposed to be answering to someone's fml, not talk about how amazing you feel about being the first to comment on an fml. especially when your comment is absolutely unrelated to the fml situation.

ok so honestly how long had you been waiting for this fml to come out?? an hour? two?

itz_towelie 6

prove your mom and sis wrong, do it in 3 years

FYLDeep 25

^ First relevant comment ^

Pink_Butterflies 0

How is that a fml? You just described every other working American. Welcome to life.

TempestJones 0

^ haha WIN!

not if you work like me, video game tester ftw

36 Fail, unlike what people think you don't just test games all day.

You play shitty games full of bugs and glitches for 40 hours a week. The entire video game industry shits on testers for good reason. Because anyone who finds pleasure in walking into the same fucking poorly animated wall for 5 hours looking for obscure variables in wall-design to test obviously likes to get shat on and probably fucks children while he's on his coffee break.

if you couldn't tell, I was using sarcasm

Game testiclers are incapable of sarcasm. Your argument is invalid.

quikwit1212 0

^Testiclers? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!