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Oh boy you're totally screwed. Hopefully the teacher will understand that it wasn't meant for him

Have fun with that one.


Have fun with that one.

chrisbeaudoin 26

Op, please, we need a follow up!

Oh boy you're totally screwed. Hopefully the teacher will understand that it wasn't meant for him

hopefully she put her boyfriends name at the top. any confusion alleviated. also, hopefully there was nothing too personal in the letter.

Yeah OP, I hope this doesn't end too badly for you. I find it sweet that there are still people out there who do little romantic gestures such as writing love letters, good for you and hope you guys do well!


Should have been getting educated instead of writing love letters. You totally asked for this.

wtf? a person can't do both?

There's something called having extra time.

I agree with you and you should not have been down voted so much

Thanks, nice to see someone else with some common sense.

I agree, what you couldn't wait till you were out of class? or lunch time?

I totally agree with you too!! Plus i always check Whatver paper i'm handing in just to make sure it's the right one ( not addressing the issue of studying in class and paying attention to what u're being thaught and leave love/friendship stuff to off class time)

Apparently no she cannot do both

Ok, minus the point that OP may have written the letter during lecture, how did they not notice they turned in the love letter? Don't most people fold a note/letter and keep assignments unfolded or in a turn-in folder? Idk. I'm thinking this story smells funny. Then again, I haven't been in school for years, so maybe notes aren't folded in cool ways anymore lol

Extra credit?

Hopefully your teacher doesn't write back.

That would make things interesting.

Extra credit if ya know what I mean

what I learned in boating school is...

that is called mega bad luck. hope for you that it ends well

I'm sure you made your teacher's day.

Trying to get better grades the sneaky way, huh? Naughty naughty school girl...