By all puked out - Netherlands
  Today, I saw a drunk woman drop her purse in the street. I picked it up and went to give it to her, only for her to scream at me for being a thief. Then she started crying, apologized and hugged me, then got angry again, and finally threw up on me. FML
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  introductionn  |  13

Man, she was probably just having a horrible day. You could take an implication that since she was drunk, she might've been trying to get something off her mind, & then this little incident got her all flustered. She may just have overreacted & gotten angry at first because she wasn't having the 'best of times', then realized she was overreacting, apologized, & freaked out again. It's called being bipolar; it happens. Hope she gets better, & sorry you had to deal with that, OP.