Pregnancy woes

By Spraylady - 29/02/2016 21:45 - United Kingdom

Today, I think my unborn child has developed a sense of humour. The little cherub is usually very calm, but must have realised that if he/she kicks me hard enough in this particular place near my bladder, I'll piss myself on the spot like a race horse. It's happened twice now. FML
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Be happy it's just that, before I was born I broke my mom's pelvis because I kicked it so hard.

Well try not to wear your best clothes from now on

I feel like this is the kind of thing I would have done if I was conscious in the womb.

Maybe one day he will be a standup comedian and recount the tales of his days in the womb

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Better start wearing extra thick pads...

Not to worry - after it's born it'll only get more evil. Exponentially.

First of all - sat name for, hahaha. Im guessing you is your first? The whole passing yourself thing isn't uncommon at all. Still sucks though.

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are you sure you're not squirting?

I would think you would know what pissing feels like by that age so I'm pretty sure she really is pissing herself.

Yeah sure, her baby is giving her intense orgasms. Come on!

...I cant even. Why? Pissing yourself is common in pregnancy.

Depends are a wonderful thing! I know it sounds weird and can make you feel like an incontinent old lady, but they were a life saver in the third semester, and for after the baby is born. They make them now where they really don't look like diapers when you're wearing them. I hope your pregnancy is treating you well otherwise!