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Today, my mom turned to me and said, "You know, you're the kind of person that has to change literally everything about themselves to get a guy to like you." I thought she was joking so I laughed. She then said "Like that. Your laugh... What is that? Change that." FML
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wow. geez. don't listen to her. I'm sure everything about you is great! Never change yourself for a guy. When the perfect guy comes along, he will love you just the way you are. Plus, don't let those comments hurt you. Yes, it was offencive, but let it just roll off your back. Live your life to the fullest and love every moment of it! Much love.


i wouldn't as much, telling your kid there's nothing 'attractive' (as in getting someone) in them doesn't sound constructive. it sounds more along the lines of exaggerated critisim that was obviously taken the wrong way. that kind of goes over the line of tough love?

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we are..but our mothers are crazy..keep us in know how it is

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Yea, what's that all aboot?

63 is such a typical american retard. I don't know ABOUT other Canadians, but we sure as hell don't say "aboot" where i'm at. Also, OP's mom was probably raised in america. Would make more sense.

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Yeah, ur mom is a bitch, u should kill her in her sleep.

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"typical american retard" oh yes, and you are a typical canadian tool ****** douche. seriously what the hell.

Somebody sounds a little butthurt.

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Skullbuster..did you comment this twice with 2 opposite opinions? (24 and 104) WTF is that about?

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I spoke to my sister tonight and had a flashback reminder that teen girls don't always hear what was said, they only hear "poor me". So I wanted to throw **** mom a break.

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LOL, well you definitely opened my eyes,I didn't look at that way, but unless she made up the part about her laugh then maybe her mom really is just mean!

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People on here just like to fight. Everyone needs to stop hating on each other already its such a waste of time.There's so many reasons not to like someone, but hating on things you cant change is one of the dumbest!

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That's a rather risky conclusion from such a short FML. You COULD be right, but wanting your daughter to change her laugh is quite shallow, so I'm forced to assume the opposite. Or, the OP just didn't inherit her mom's cold sense of humour. Sometimes you aren't supposed to laugh. XP

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Wow, can you say hypocrite? That was completely rude and unnecessary on your part. To the OP, that's really crappy, I'm sorry that your mom is such a bitch :(

Wow learn how to proofread what you write.

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that was the point. nobody from canada wants to hear nationalistic insults directed at them as a whole either. idiot

There are people who do need to grow up. Maybe the OP is one of them. A laugh is probably not something you can do anything about, unless it was intentionally sarcastic or something.

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What, and Americans like being stereotyped as assholes and bitches? Your statement may have had some validity to it had you not turned yourself into a hypocrite. OP, tell your mom that she should love you for who you are, or she can keep her trap shut.

People flame on this too? Just like youtube flamers huh. Pffft. You guys have funny voices. Deal with it. =P Its a cuter accent than the american one though, imo. Oh and to the person who posted this, jeez. FYL xD I'm sure she didn't mean it though.

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@84: you're an ignorant racist. You don't understand that you're stereotyping, and you're completely wrong, anyway. Btw, I'm Canadian, and I'm ashamed to call you one. Canada's history of racism is as bad as the U.S.' and it's sad to see that being continued. AFTER WWII, the US accepted into their country something like 280 000 Jews, while Canada only took in a couple thousand. Even the UK accepted about 80 000. I'm not trying to shame Canada, but we haven't been as nice as everyone thinks, tbh. Also, "aboot" is a Maritimes (Eastern Canadian) thing. The Maritimes are scarcely populated compared to Central or Western Canada. So there are Canadians with that kind of accent (of Scottish heritage), but not enough to stereotype Canadians in general with. It's the same as stereotyping Americans as having thick southern accents.

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so the reason Canadians are (considered) "polite" and tolerant today is likely because we're trying to compensate for our past discriminations.

Actually, the "hick" Canadians out west do say about differently, not aboot, but close to it... Their accent is very different, just like the "hick" americans, they sure as hell dont sounds like they come from nyc.

I'm sorry to tell you that Americans are square, and they can't think outside the box. I'm stereotyping, correct, but my stereotyping is right on. From a person who's not from the U.S or Canada, I can tell you that it's very hard to live with Americans. Many of them just don't get it. It has to be perfect in the U.S. If a store says it closes at 5, it's going to start closing at 4:55 p.m and at 5, no one will be there. It's very frustrating how ******* perfect their life has to be, and how snobby some of them can get. Oohhh "Chanel" "Coach" that's shit to me and I absolutely hate it. I hate how they're so square and they're so snobby and ugh, I seriously just can't live with it. I'm sorry, I know there are Americans that aren't like that and I'm not an ignorant racist like that to think that ALL Americans are like that, but the people that I've met are like that, and I frankly don't think it's just and fair that people judge you by what you wear and what you own, and not by what's in your heart or the way you act, but isn't that life?

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189, that was extremely rude, I live in America and I've never even met anyone like that.

#189: You're dead WRONG. Never met anyone like that ever since I moved here. I'm from Germany, so I'm not just saying this because I'm American.

See this is when it is okay to falcon punch a bitch. Just give her some vagisil and tell her you hope it helps. your mom is a huge dick and you should probably stab her with a *****, just a suggestion.

#128 - I think that when I finally snap and kill someone, you've helped me determine the weapon I'm going to do it with. Who would believe, "Officer, I saw it...he stabbed the guy through the eye with a giant, double-sided, blue silicone *****!" OP - Wow, FYL, your mom is a bitch. Don't change if you're interested in a decent guy, though - most of the decent ones prefer something that isn't the exact same thing as everyone else, at least in my experience.

HAHAHAH FTW. Falcon punch all the way. I would so ******* drop kick that ****. Even if she was my mom.

Mothers are supposed to care for their children. Maybe it's good advice. Meditate on it.

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I'm guessing this person's grandmother treated her own daughter this way too and thus it gets passed down.

wow. geez. don't listen to her. I'm sure everything about you is great! Never change yourself for a guy. When the perfect guy comes along, he will love you just the way you are. Plus, don't let those comments hurt you. Yes, it was offencive, but let it just roll off your back. Live your life to the fullest and love every moment of it! Much love.

I agree with #5, really nice comment. OP, moms can be insane, good luck.

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wow, really? "Don't change yourself for a guy!" Hope you're not a chic 'cause changing is DEFINITELY at the top of the list of things girls want guys to do. Way to be a hypocrit. OP, if your mom is a bitch, don't listen to her, on the other hand, i don't know you so YOU may be a bitch. Take the advice and re-evaluate who you are. If you find you're a bitch, change; if not, shrug it off.

Maybe some of the girls you've been dating act that way, but not all of us want our guys to change. If I like a guy then I like him for what he is, and if I don't like him then why the hell would I want to change him?

i can tell that #60 has had good experience with women.

I totally agree with number 5. that sucks. maybe even talk to your mom, about how you feel. I know exactly how you feel , my mom does that to me too sometimes, except its usually more my weight.

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OP:Wow that is pretty harsh,even for some tough love. But keep your head up!! There IS someone out there for everyone,look at it this way, your mom is kinda rude and even she found someone(your dad). #60-Its not about changing for someone its about becoming a better person, when your with the right person change isn't a bad thing!!

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That's a load of bullshit you heard on the Disney channel. Also, all people from Canadia are stupid. It's a scientific fact.

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Yeah i heard that on the disney channel, wow good job you caught me. if im with someone that makes me relax instead of always worry then i see that change as a good thing! Sorry your miserable and haven't found someone, i guess maybe you should be the one watching disney

What a retard ;) I actually agree with you. Once you've found the right person a) they will not try to change you and b) even if they don't, you still want to become a better person for yourself and for them. I can be a bitch and usually I don't care, but I always think twice before I say something bitchy to my husband...and if he doesn't deserve it I just keep my mouth shut. Why would I wanna hurt the person I love the most?

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#135 - It's spelt "Canada," champ. #60 - Why would you assume that every girl wants to change every guy? Maybe if you stopped dating assholes, you wouldn't have that skewed outlook on life. Don't blame all women because you have poor relationship skills. That's like if I said, "All men beat women, so all men are disgusting pigs!" No, that'd be my bad for continually choosing that sort of relationship, making me to blame for not learning from my mistakes. Shut up.

#152: It's spelled "spelled"... not "spelt".

#177 - it's either, actually. spell /spɛl/, verb, spelled or spelt, spell⋅ing.

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#135: I think that "scientific fact" backfired you, buddy. Repeat after me: C-A-N-A-D-A

the only thing you need to change are your writing skills - "Today, my mom when randomly turned to me" - what does that even mean?

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It's most likely that she's sexually frustrated and taking her anger out on you. Be cool, stay in school.

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how is #7 a moron? the sentence doesnt make sense.

No hes saying the OP is a moron, not the person saying it to the other person.

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I'm so sorry. just keep on being yourself. don't let her get to you. you'll be fine. I personally like the different ways that people laugh.

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Your moms a bitch. Start pointing out all of her little flaws, to return the favor.