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Today, I sat in my boss's office as he bitched me out for being "too sarcastic" to our customers. After nearly half an hour of him criticizing my "piss-poor attitude," he asked me what I was going to do to fix it. Without thinking, I said, "Your mom." Now I'm jobless again. FML
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  hinchkongfang  |  0

68, maybe once you learn the difference between you and YOU'RE, you can become one of the big kids.....

  HaraAishi  |  8

If you don't put them down on an application or check the box do not contact, then problem solved. I left a job after minimal heads up, that didn't prevent me from getting a job. I was straight up told that I was fired from a job and still got a new one. All OP has to say, if questioned, is that there was a conflict. My GM hired me because he knew my reason for being fired and knew my former boss was a dickhead. Stop being holier-than-thou.

  humorizer  |  14

Apparently #70, the Grammar Master, is not aware of the fact that mature is both a verb and adjective. He assumed that you have to say "you're mature". Cute.

  Margemander  |  4

The first time I read this I thought he came back with "Yes, Mom." I laughed. Now that I know it was "Your mom" I feel disappointed. That's a pitiful comeback and should be reserved for goofing off with your friends.

  Xianthos  |  2

I find it funny aswell! Come on its his fucked life not yours. Get over it and allow you to enjoy this funny moment. Arent we all here to laugh?

  TorturedXeno  |  27

God help you, OP, when your next potential employer calls your previous one to inquire about you. XD


-----------Job Opening--------------
Looking for an ignorant asshole with poor social skills/ lack of work ethic/ no moral backbone who displays a clear lack of respect for others. Knowledge of "your mom" is preferred.

OP! You should totally apply!


Regardless of whether it came out accidentally or not, the respectful thing to do is be polite to your boss. Especially apologetic if you fucked up and your job is on the line. Maybe you need to grow up if you don't realize how blatantly disrespectful (not to mention pathetically immature) to respond "your mom" to something your boss says. If you don't have that kind of joking relationship with him/her, keep your mouth shut, especially during a discussion about you being too sarcastic.