By Toaster - 30/07/2009 15:11 - United States

Today, my 8 year old little sister said "f you" to my mom. My mom thought I told her to say that and grounded me for a month. Later, my sister came up to me and said "Gotcha, bitch." FML
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I'm gonna back this statement, and add that your sister is one BAMF

haha i know right OP kids these days are getting worse but that is undeniably funny

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**** your sis lmao hate kids like her. she'll grow up to be a ***** like one of the mean girls. lol. better discipline her properly.

111-she's 8, how can you say that?

Sorry I misread your post 117. Everybody ignore what I just wrote.

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there's no way she grounded him for a month for something like that. i call shenanigans!

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why? do you like being grounded or something? o.O

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I wish I had a sister like tht!

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wow hahaha really i feel like this one would have never been picked and alot of other ones if the Jackass crew werent picking. IM dieing from reading these. and this is something my 3 yr old sister would do. only she says **** you.

Children are scary now, what happened to them being sweet and innocent? *runs away* =S

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I agree with you when I was 8 stupid was still a bad word for me...

Yeah, I don't know why they changed it/resubmitted it.