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  Fmylab  |  8

A bitch off the ol' block? Takes one to raise one? Or how about: "Must be like looking in a mirror, Mom. Except still young and cute."

  SoSickWithIt  |  14

What if the apple tree is ontop of a hill with a very long slope, and a stream is near that slope, and the apple stays afloat and goes for miles and miles away from the original apple tree? Or what if the apple is harvested and shipped thousands of miles away from the tree? :O or what if the apple is picked up and eaten?

  mb2_native  |  15

You guys are lucky, I can't even say 'fuck' when I stub my toe without her getting mad :/ and it's really hard for me not to swear :( I even said Jesus when I was annoyed at something.. After that, I rather swear :/ it's funny though :p

  mandachea10  |  8

Well, my mother and I butt heads a lot, and from what i remember when I hit my teens, other girls, as well as myself at times, can say the stupidest shit, that can really set anyone off, especially they're mother.

  AssTard  |  15

55- 1. Build up an immunity to iocaine.
2. Make a cake for two.
3. Poison the cake with said substance.
4. Tell your mom to eat the cake with you.
5. Muahahahahaha

By  Ch0sen  |  13

No matter how uncomely it is for your mother to address you that way, there must be something you're doing that's provoking it - I suggest you fix that first, for both your own and your family's sake.

  birdierising  |  16

At the same time though, this means her mother thought she was a bitch while raising her, and couldn't or just didn't do anything about it. The mom should also take a look at herself.

  chinagirl3343  |  8

There is no excuse for a mother to speak that way to her child. Her mom makes my blood boil! Correct your kid if she does something wrong. You're a pathetic person to result to calling your own child that!

By  JR_Goes_Rawr  |  11

OP you're no longer just a bitch in her eyes, but you are "The Bitch." It's a title not just any can hold, so wear it proudly!
On a more serious note it's pretty messed up coming from your own mother. Unless you've been giving her a reason to think of you in that way.

  SoSickWithIt  |  14

Technically, so technically, would it also be okay for a father to molest his daughter? Or for a mother to verbally harass her son? Since they raised that child, it basically means enslavement? If that's the case, should the case of Dred Scott be given to parents for their children?...