By snickerdoodles - 08/01/2010 06:30 - France

Today, I was sparring with a guy in my Tae Kwon Do class. He had a hard-on the entire time we were sparring. FML
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might have been more of an fml for him. i bet he was embarrassed


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Guys will get boners from anything and from experience, those pants tend to rub a lot down there. FHL.

Is this guy Chuck Norris? If he is, then you should be proud OP.

It's obvious it was not Chuck Norris. If it had been Chuck Norris with an erection, there would be NO survivors.

guys will get boners out of the ordinary from my expierence it sucks like In the middle of class

one of those tails from the ouija board, I take it...

it could be because he likes you but guys get random boners from being nervous or just at random, I hate it :|

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@85 and 90 WTF is it with Chuck Norris? He is NO WHERE as sexy or muscular and Vin Diesel or Bruce Lee.

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is this from the real snickerdoodles? I thought commentators never created... or maybe a wannabe?

the chuck Norris jokes are making fun of chuck Norris. it's sarcasm

It's illegal to do that in Tae Kwon Do. We are fair fighters and we fight honestly. AKA No dirty tricks allowed. No punches to the face, neck, or back area. No kicks to the back, neck, or face. Only kicks are allowed to touch the back of the head. No hard or aggresive sparring. That's just my Tae Kwon Do class rules when it comes to it. Her's/his may be different but I highly doubt it unless the OP is doing mixed martial arts.

In my TKD club and when you got into the advanced you got to kick at the head and knockdown people, hell I even saw a guy doing a jumpkick in the back of the head to annother guy

@36 Since when is punching in the face a dirty trick. You are just making Tae Kwon Do sound more gay with every post. In Muay Thai we like to call it Take My Do. I have always enjoyed providing a solid beating to all the TKD retards that brag about the belts they bought. I think you have been mis-spelling Tae Kwon do though, I believe the proper spelling is J-O-K-E.


You probably should have stopped after your first sentence. No one really gives a flying **** about the opinions of you or your friends, and I'm willing to bet that in a fight against a "TKD retard", you'd get your ass whooped.

Your response was almost as gay as Take My Do

TKD is retarded. If you practice that, I hope it'll prepare you for the 300 pound dude who won't just stand there and let you fancy kick at him and hope it works. TKD is not applicable in real life at all, and thus just useless knowledge. Anyone with ANY sort of knowledge in anything else would just know to tackle them to the ground. Oohh what, can't do any kicks from the ground? How sad. Go practice MMA.

@57, When you hit puberty then your opinion may matter.

every jiu-jitsu fighter who tries to take a tae kwon do student to the ground has to pass through their range first. it's like fighting a guy with a sledgehammer. those high kicks are easy to dodge, but you better remember to dodge instead of standing there laughing. this is the 2004 heavyweight tae kwon do olympic finals. tae kwon do fighters should have more practice than anyone else at avoiding high spinning kicks, right? this is a 200 pound man kicking an even larger, taller man in the head and winning the fight. with head protection on. how many times does the average jiu jitsu fighter have to deal with that kind of attack? unless you do MMA, you won't be doing any sparring in which head kicks AND grappling techniques are allowed, so probably zero.

Mr. Overzealous and eager to show your knowledge of Tae Kwon Do, it was a facetious comment... of course nobody is going to actually do that.

Okay, this is a guy in a tournament TKD sparring. Prove to me that we kick softly.

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i'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that i'm the only girl in this thread...GUYS, PUT YOUR DICKS AWAY AND CALM THE **** DOWN. all martial arts have different rules/styles/uses. if your school teaches you to disrespect other styles then you're missing the whole mental aspect of martial arts. plus tkd is the only style i've encountered that makes heavy use of common sense. you're 5'2 and a 6 foot, 300 lb guy tries to rob you? remember those warm-up laps we run in class? RUN THE **** AWAY.

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lol true that. I'm a girl and if theres a guy much bigger than you and your scared, your not going to remember all you learned. You also don't know what he might know,best just to run away and only fight if you can't run.

Wow, okay that was completely ignorant. Tae kwon do is not about mindless fighting, its about respect, discipline, and self-defense. And to anyone who think tae kwon do is lame or weak or whatever, try taking a back kick from an experienced black belt, not a little kid, not a white or yellow belt, and you come back and try to say that tae kwon do is weak. I'm a girl, and I'm taking my black belt testing in a couple of months. And no one that I know "buys" their belts. We earn them. Tae kwon do is a more respectable sport than almost any other, besides proper martial arts. And its more than that. Its a way of life. You can't say that about many things.

this. I'm in Tae Kwon Do and I'm sure a black belt could kick eraupike's ass with like, one move.

From what I've heard about MMA(I'm not really interested in MMA, because though my sensei doesn't speak badly about it, he doesn't recommend it because it's kind of like , "Jack of all trades, master of none") They have bad ground technique, or something. Tae Kwon Do is pretty good, but clubs that like give Black belts to twelve-year-olds and lower, well Idk how good those specific clubs are. All Martial Arts are good in their own way, but it all depends on the club really. Like, our judo club supposedly works really hard. We thought the excercises we were doing were strong, until our sensei went out west and saw some of the clubs out Edmonton. And there's a jiu-jitsu club in our area, and they criticized our judo skills, saying we were doing throws wrong. Their club doesn't have a lot of respect against other fighters, and one almost broke the arm of a member in my club during a tournament. There was a tournament we had in Halifax, and one of our club members fought some random guy. The other guy won, and afterwards he started jumping around, yelling.

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You do learn to grapple in tkd too...

62-your comment had me till you mentiones MMA... otherwise I'd have to agree.

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@1, congrats ur first, ur gift is in the post, when you get it, please kindly shove it up ur ass... @OP, that must suck, ur teacher has a thing for you, drop out of class now before he does anything wrong D:

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might have been more of an fml for him. i bet he was embarrassed

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this is a fake. if you spar in taekwondo, you have to wear a cup. you can't see if someone has a boner if he is wearing a cup you idiot

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er no you dont always have to, in the class i was in you could do low contact sparring with no protective gear. I suppose you could wear one constantly if you wanted to tho.

I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and have been sparring for over five years. I don't even own a cup.

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how can he get a boner if he's a pussy? think about it :P

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um its probably just the cup that you saw

Looks like he was having a good time. ;)