By TKDConnor92 - 22/07/2011 10:51 - United Kingdom

Today, I was helping a 7 year-old student in my martial arts class with his kicks. My reward? A surprisingly powerful kick to the testicles. FML
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XxXHaCkErXxX 0

you taught him well

That fucking hurts.


That fucking hurts.

Just wait 'till he's 17

say bye to your babies. sperm city is currently undergoing a natural disaster.

enonymous 8

Daniel san... wax on ice to balls... wax off ball hair

juicedboi 7

I cringed reading that. That's what you get for teaching womens self defense classes. Zing!

At least you can be proud of your student because you know he can successfully kick!:/ FYL that really hurts OP:(

hobbsicle805 0

No shit!

HowAreYouToday 34

at least you got a reward

47, are you sure? sometimes it hurts so much you shot yourself

id punch that kid in his little tiny face

Kyra15 0

this is so common.

Common? Yeah, man, I don't like the nut-check FMLs. They're too mainstream. You've probably never heard of the ones I read.

That sucks :// Thank god for not giving girls balls

emmarae26 0

I'm a girl, but I'm pretty sure that's gotta hurt... okay that was stupid , OF COURSE IT HURT! lol

SneakherHead 5

Having balls is better than being a pussy :D

littlemissFYL 5

awe OP, you made one little kid a happy camper! sucks you weren't stable enough to join along in singing "Kumbayah" =D

Thunderbender 2

You taught him well.

kwchambers92 10


Sooooooo OP: Was your reward that he kicked YOUR balls, OR that you successfully kicked HIS? "Reward" is probably not the word I would choose if my nuts had just been flattened...

how would you know?

Hey be happy OP pancake is as good as gets, pancakes are smooth, sweet, tan, flat, and everyone wants one!

Haven't I seen this before?

what kind of shitty movies do you watch.

I think #3 got kicked in the testicles.

flyerfan101 9

cup check

Oh yeah, I saw it earlier because I moderated it as "Yes".


6 - Be proud. Be very proud.

6 - would you like a suprisingly powerful kick to the testicles as a reward?

well all kicks to the balls are surprisingly powerful!..... unless youre used to it!

kaylaaa1312 3

His reward? Pure enjoyment. ;D

Yeah, aren't you supposed to be wearing a protecty thingamabob on your penis&friends when practicing any martial art? YDI

iSitt 0

cups don't prevent the pain, they just reduce the structural damage. op deserves it for not being as good a blocker as a tkd instructor is supposed to be.

so why would you stand in front of a child when teaching them to kick??

ifailplzinsultme 0

For the lulz

What in the name of shit does "lul" mean?

Laugh under the lagoon

It's like lol "laugh out loud" but with style.

sxe_beast 11

Its like LOL, but for the mentally impaired.

ohhh 47 that makes sence :)

XxXHaCkErXxX 0

you taught him well

pedosmurf 7

Did you congratulate him afterwards or fall to the ground and the kid bowed or what

flyerfan101 9

cup check

Duplicate much...

bigmanj28 0

You must've be so proud

ifailplzinsultme 0

Wow that kid is nutty....

I liked the first comment more...

ifailplzinsultme 0

Wow that kid is nutty....

agaba 0


ifailplzinsultme 0

Sorry double post

Great, another Chuck Norris growing... When you will teach him the spinning-foot-of-death?

They get old...