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By anonymous - 26/01/2010 12:55 - United Kingdom

Today, I was at my Muay Thai class. We were doing a combination which consisted of a low kick, body kick and head kick. My partner had already done the low kick so I held the pads for the body kick. He kicked me straight in the jaw. I'm a teenage girl and he's a fully grown man. FML
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skyeyez9 24

At least the jaw kick just made him look like a jerk to the rest of the class.

You can't 'see' it coming, douche. If you're practicing patterns and you think he's going low and throws high, there's nothing do you can do. It's the exact same movement until the last moment. If you could lift your leg to kick, you would know this. His fault, either way. Props to OP though for taking a Muay Thai class, stuff is good to know. I wouldn't want to take a knee from you.


sarcdude 3

Damn, that sucks. Try to get a new dance partner, he's clearly a klutz. And well, now I understand why people claim first. It actually does feel somewhat like an accomplishment. :P


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"Dance partner"? It's not salsa dancing, it's a martial art. I agree that OP could/should have seen it coming, since it's a completely different move. You should be able to receive them as well as deal them yourself. And yes, sometimes it means getting hit. It sucks, but you deal with it and move on.

You can't 'see' it coming, douche. If you're practicing patterns and you think he's going low and throws high, there's nothing do you can do. It's the exact same movement until the last moment. If you could lift your leg to kick, you would know this. His fault, either way. Props to OP though for taking a Muay Thai class, stuff is good to know. I wouldn't want to take a knee from you.

anela_fml 0

ha ha ha ha nice OP that sucks hope he didn't damage too much

sarcdude 3

@48: Erm, I used the term "dance" as in fight, like when people in the movies say "let's dance" when they're going to fight. Also, my comment was legit, I said more than just "first." What's the deal with the burying? You folks are hurtful :/

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BOOM! Headshot!

indeed myspace ***** -_-" and all i have to say to this FML is you got OWNED

sourgirl101 28

Why is your partner a grow man? That seems weird to me???

ihavenoname123 0

Who cares what your myspace is you freak.

MF12 0

no he does that on EVERY COMMENT HE MAKES and he's the only idiot i've seen do that


sarcdude 3

I love the comments I'm getting from people replying to be near the top :D though I'm not sure whether to feel loved or used ._.

it makes you tough. now she'll definitely watch out for it!

ihatecake 0

# 50 are you ******* kidding me. i know plenty of people who could see that coming in tae kwon do and karate, the lowest being a green belt in tae kwon do which specializes in kicks and he can already dodge 2/3 of the grand masters kicks at half speed, or 50 kmh. muay thai doesnt use kicks as much but it is far stricter so she should be able to see it

just be glad you're taking muay Thai and not krav maga. head shots there would be a lot more painful

Agree with #163. Those hurt. I take Krav:D

Let me just say I am very aroused by this. Sorry about the jaw, though.

lol wat da hec is a jaw

foxboy2010 0


i'm surprised no one answered you 121. it's your mouth bone basically. the thing you use to chew food. that's your jaw.

That sucks, but the last sentence wasn't needed. It hurts when anyone gets kicked in the jaw, unless an infant did the kicking.

Not at all. WIthout the last sentence, we could think the kicker was a little boy, or all sorts of things. The fact OP is a young girl and the kicker is a grown man makes a huge difference in the levels of pain of the kick. If you'd done martial arts, you'd know. I've been on the receiving end of people missing the protective gear, and it makes a really big difference who accidentally hit you.

doing martial arts means this post is not fml-worthy. I understand females are rare in certain martial arts, (i know the feeling, trust me) but there's nothing more annoying than the girls who really cash in on their dainty femininity. Would it make any difference if instead of a guy kicking a girl, a guy kicked another guy? The pain would be similar, and they guy would be kinda annoyed, but there wouldn't be so much kerfuffle about it. OP, YDI for not moving, for being slow, for complaining about it online and making a fuss. If you can't handle martial arts, go back to your nail salon And fyi if I get hit in a martial arts class, whoever hit me would apologise, but I brush it off. Not to show off my toughness, but if they keep looking at me like I'm a little girl, and always go easy on me, I'll never learn. I don't think OP will get anywhere with this girly attitude

It sounded like they were doing combination pad work so she is right to be aggrieved at her partner's lack of control. I had a lesson monday where the junior belt kept rushing a technique he was practicing, doing it wrong and putting me at serious risk of a broken arm. I'm a 215lb guy, love fighting, been doing it for 20 years, but I still don't want to get an injury inflicted through stupidity. Also, interestingly, the pain would not be similar. Despite the old chestnut about putting up with the pain of childbirth, the average woman has a lower tolerance for pain than the average man (http://www.bath.ac.uk/news/articles/archive/paingender040705.html) This has implications for areas such as anesthesiology

jesus christ darkhumor, do you feel special? would you like a medal? nobody cares if you think you're tough. she never said she was dainty, and getting out of the way would be difficult as A. she was wearing pads and B. her partner was supposed to do a body kick. sometimes you let your guard down when people have instructions and don't follow them.

Roadhouse! But seriously, I think you deserve a free gut shot for that.. if not a nut shot.

Uh, OP's a chick, dumbass.

dudeitsdanny 9

Chuck Norris references should be left to those who can make them... And the OP being a girl means she cant get the gut/nut shot in?

"Chuck Norris doesn't consider it sex if the woman survives."

Well, dudeitsdanny, I guess you have a point. Chicks have balls, they're just higher up& they're called chesticles. :)

Jimboom wasn't saying that the OP was a guy. He was saying she deserves to give the guy a gut shot or a nut shot without reprisal. So really your the dumbass.

they were saying "she" gets to kick "him" in the nuts...dumbass

RushFanatic, are you really that dumb or just very young?? Wtf...

minimini902 0

every year on Chuck Norris's birthday, he chooses one lucky child to be thrown into the sun

Roadhouse = Patrick Swayze not Chuck Norris fuckhead

HeyThereGorgeous 0

I was just going to say you could give him a nice below-the-belt kick in return ;)

You are learning how to fight.. do you expect never to be kicked unexpectedly? Besides it was just a kick, he didn't broke your jaw... If you can't take it, leave it.

Prestigex 0

Yeah! he didn't broke your jaw! You juss fine you poor baby.

050294 0

Kicks can break and sprain bones, retard. So, yes, it CAN hurt.

Prestigex 0

He never said it didn't hurt, he said if you can't take it then leave.

Yeah, except you hit back when we play around >:X No, I do not want to challenge you to a game of chess or Scrabble, so keep your kilt on. 0¿ 0

*appears in a puff of smoke, kicks BSR between the legs, and vanishes*

(wheezing in pain) I guess you now know what Lance Armstrong and I have in common...

Just... ouch. Get a new partner if you can do it without offending much :P

In response to playing dead: you can get your enemies, friends, and potential rape victims closer to your proximity and they (or it) will be none the wiser. (smoke puff starts to rise towards the Stratosphere) If only they were in a balloon for the whole world to see and panic over...