By Mayyouneverfindpleasureinavagina - 01/06/2013 04:31 - United States - Garden Grove

Today, at karate, my sparring partner thought it was completely okay to surprise kick me in the vagina. When he saw me doubled over in pain, he was completely surprised. Apparently, he thought that it wouldn't hurt, because I have no penis. FML
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Surprise kick him in the balls back

He is an idiot. The fact that he thinks it's the penis that is the sensitive part backs that up. It's the testicles that are sensitive, and apparently the vagina is fairly similar.


Surprise kick him in the balls back

And get a friend to record it for YouTube.

And then give us all the link so we can watch.

Ops name tag,. Hah

And then claim you didn't think it would hurt cause you didn't think he had a penis

OP will surely deliver

Honestly... Don't your instructors teach you self discipline? Or your partner just really stupid?

I would kick him a nice junk punch! Then say oops, didn't think it would hurt since you have no penis.

He is an idiot. The fact that he thinks it's the penis that is the sensitive part backs that up. It's the testicles that are sensitive, and apparently the vagina is fairly similar.

Falcon punch the fucker in the scrotum.

I thought striking below the belt was illegal?

In a match, yes. In practise… do what ya gotta do.

No, when we get kicked in the vagina, basically we're getting a kick on our pelvis bone. And it's REALLY painful (not as painful as a kick to the testicles, but really painful), because our pelvis bones are the most flexible bone in our body as to accommodate the baby that we would carry. But it's also very sensitive.

It's not just the hitting the pelvic bone. If a kick lands right then you get extreme pressure one your clit which has a ludicrous amount of nerve endings and that feels like a nightmare wrapped up in hell, wrapped in the worlds worst migraine.

Girls do karate? Lol.

63 - Now you know what getting kicked in the balls feels like...

Not mention, even if it weren't for the pelvic bone and the clitoris, it hurts when kick anybody anywhere. Only a complete moron would think that a woman's groin is somehow magically impervious to pain.

I have a friend who got kicked in the vagina so hard she threw up.

I want to hear this story...

#2 Did it occur to you that this might be OP's mistake? Chances are the man that kicked her is well aware that it's his balls that are most sensitive.

Actually the ovaries are the equivalent of testicles in a woman, and they're deep inside the body so they're very hard to hit. The vagina is more like an inside out penis (You're welcome for the mental image).

Actually, the equivalent of the penis in female genitalia is the clit, NOT the vagina

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I've gotten kicked in the vagina before but never enough to double over in pain, I believe it was 5th grade when my guy friend tried kicking me down there, he saw that I was blocking him, so being a smartass he said, "why are you blocking me, do you have a dick?" No you idiot, it hurts any body being kicked down there.

I'm having breakfast - I lost my appetite...

inkdeath87 18

Kick his ass!

*balls - it'll hurt more.

inkdeath87 18

Yeah. My mistake.

Vagina*, I hear that hurts.

Wax on, wax off

tjv3 10

Should have used "Sand the Floor"

TallMist 32

I'd rather paint the fence.

Amanda Bynes didn't seem to think it hurt to be hit there... (She's the man reference)

But she got a ball straight towards the area not from underneath and straight up

What happened to Amanda would still be really painful. There are bones in that area that hurt to be hit. The joys of Hollywood...

suboy 10

Whats happening to Amanda now is pretty painful. To watch that is.

I was just thinking of that movie when I read this FML.

Dear Men, When we get hit in the front it feels like when hit your funny bone. Being kicked directly in the vagina hurts worse than that, plus there's the added danger of you actually getting your foot stuck. There's no escaping an angry woman with your foot up her twat.

YDI for not having a penis

Troll comment is troll

#6, you are a moron

*Holds up a sign* Please do NOT feed the trolls.

Yeah! You know, Because living in a world with just dicks and no pussies sounds like the world I want to live in....NOT

ApollosMyth 22

Getting kicked anywhere can hurt.. Some people don't think. Hope you feel better OP.

Ooooh right in the baby maker and she is down for the count! One...two...three...

v1kt4r 13

Cunt punt..

Yikes! That hurts like a bitch, OP. like #1 said, surprise kick him back! Give him a taste of his own medicine.

Honey, it's the testicles, not the penis.

xStaciexLynnx 15

Honey, if you don't have a penis, you don't have testicles.

Iknoweverything 29

Honey, just because you want to sound like a grownup doesn't give you the right to go around calling people honey to make your irrelevant corrections sound less accusatory and more passive aggressive. Nobody likes it. Throat punching is not a worthy enough punishment.

Plus OP was explaining her sparring partner's thoughts (and we already know he's an idiot), not expressing her own view. So yeah, reading comprehension much, honey?

Zimmington 21

Sweety, if you had a penis you would know it huts pretty bad to be hit there too. Especially when it slaps your testicles in the process.