By Austin - 17/06/2016 05:57 - United States - Rancho Cordova

Today, I fell down the stairs of my apartment building because I thought my cat was a ghost. FML
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Be afraid of the living, not the dead~ still applies here.


How can you confuse a cat with a ghost ? we need more info here. Anyway I hope you're ok.

You should meet me and my colleagues the Winchesters, I guarantee you'd change your opinion.

If you can prove that ghosts are real claim your Noble Prize, you either proved a spectral form of life, or proved an afterlife. There's no scientific evidence of ghosts, they are not real.

No one has proof for ghosts existing, no one has proof for ghosts not existing. Either one is possible. Don't argue about it if you have no facts.

You're all forgetting about burden of proof. Specifically, burden of proof is on the positive claim, not the negative. Ergo, ghosts are not real until proven otherwise, not the other way around.

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Aka "theory" ... Ghosts are theories!

Be afraid of the living, not the dead~ still applies here.

I hope your limbs are fine after that terrible catastrophe.

The cat has 9 lives my friend, not you be more careful

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Don't worry, we all understand. Afterall, "meow" and "boo" sound awfully alike.

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Sounds like you're going to be the ghost if you keep that sort of thing up - stay safe, OP!

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So childish, everyone knows cats dont exist.