By Anonymous - 02/04/2009 10:28 - United States

Today, we sparred for Tae Kwon Do. I forgot my cup, but I didn't think anyone sucked enough to hit me below the belt. 5 seconds into a match, some girl knees me in the happy sacks. After writhing in pain for 30 seconds, I got back up to spar. I didn't think she sucked enough to do it again. She did. FML
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She's a bitch. Once is your fault. Twice is hers.


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I take tkd too and it hurts even with a cup so shutup

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Haha oh crotch shot, how I love you. I would be this girl. Wear a cup. If you don't, don't complain. she found a weakness and used it to her benefit.

wow punch her in face. or knee her in crotch as hard as can and then punch her upper area hard as can . that was so not cool of her

you realise hitting below the belt in competitions is worth beig disqualified, right?

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Poor sportsmanship and overall inconsiderate action. Purposely hurting someone to gain a slight advantage in a sport is awful, especially somewhere so painful and potentially dangerous. So please, if you would refrain from being A ******* ASSHOLE that would be great. Learn some respect prick!

She's a bitch. Once is your fault. Twice is hers.

agreed... your sparring partner is quite sadistic .. u should bitch slap her!

That is 100% correct. She is just cruel. Karma will get her!

where i'm from we get disqualified without a cup. still, sucks for you.

Where I go if we don't have a cup we don't spar

not as bad as a flick to the balls :^[]

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Boobs protected by chest protector

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I'm pretty sure no one would have minded if you stabbed her right then and there. She would have deserved it.

Agree with #2. Happens once, your fault. Happens twice, she's just being a sadistic bitch.

No man deserves to have his balls hit ever. People should go to jail for that.

If a woman can get you in trouble for punching them in the boob they should get in twice as much trouble for hitting a man in the balls

What a bitch! After the first time, she must have known you weren't wearing a cup. You should have kneed her in the crotch too. I know it isn't the same, but if you do it harder and repeatedly, you can bruise her... and as a girl who has been bruised down there before, it ******* hurts to sit down until it heals up.

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Clearly she thinks soceity doesn't deserve to be populated by your kids...