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Today, at martial arts practice, a guest sensei wanted to teach me some "manners". He pinned me down and proceded to choke me while crushing my nuts with his hands and yelling at me in front of the whole class, "DOES THAT HURT?!!?" FML
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  fyourlife33  |  0

damn i had hope that maybe people were over the 1st outburst, wrong. and why the next person felt the need to say second im not sure. and i'm pretty sure you should have just beat his ass and left

  spins615  |  0

I wonder if #9 knows what a Sensei is...good luck kicking their ass you the OP, they don't outburst like that unless you did something your probably a punk like all the other goof's in my school... YDI.

  CryingHowls  |  0

that doesn't mean there's no law. are YOU daft?

dude, the sensei is just teaching and using a child as an example. either the OP deserved this lesson or the sensei thought this lesson had to be taught the hard way. nothing out of the ordinary. get over it.

  JCho321  |  0

uh its a martial arts class.
that just shows how pussy u really are if ur gonna call the cops on a nth degree black belt for disciplining you.
asia in general is pretty hardcore compared to the US where people sue mcdonalds cause it made them fat.
...and win.

  MR_OHCRAP  |  0

I agree with Jcho/#109. Asians are brought up pretty damn hard, because our parents are somewhat conservative and most of them don't give a shit about anything you say. We are brought up like this because they want us to become successful. And also, it is quite common to see the Asian parents whack/hit their child, so if you think this is wrong, just back off and see why there are so many smart Asians.

  ForestFire0  |  1

Shut the fuck up #52. What do you think he signed up for martial arts for? to be fucking violent. So I think he was expecting violence, just maybe not to be on the recieving end of it. So, yeah, he deserves it, because he was probably being a brat to someone who can kick his ass.

  19avengers  |  0

he did say he was going to teach him some manners + #11 said Sensei's only do that to punish you - So the SENSEI didn't attack for no reason you stupid moron....

#78 you're reply was GOLD lmao...

#52 there is no such word as 'noone' its no one... TWO words - learn to fucken speak english....

  Capn  |  0

Get off your high horse Bloodhorse... People tend to type in methods that resemble speech patterns. I type fuckin' and fucken all the time because I want to put some personality in the speech. Noone is wrong, no matter what. These are informal forums so writing in a form of slang is just fine.

OP: I'm going to assume YDI.