By hotmommy
  Today, I went to the mall with my daughter. She asked me if she could go see Santa, so I said yes. She made me sit on his lap with her, and that's when I felt something on my bum. Let's just say Santa had a present for me. FML
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  ericownz101  |  0

was it a red ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and a thing which tells time!!??
be careful, you'll shoot your eye out..

  Link5794  |  18

Carbine refers to the size of the gun, not the reloading action.


105- Haha I see.

112- That's not what I meant at all. If you re-read my comment, you will see, first off I'm being sarcastic. Second, I meant that pedo-Santas would only exist in America, in my opinion.

Yes I realize just because he got hard doesn't mean he's necessarily a creep. But he's no young man either, he should have better self control.

  dragead12  |  0

@131, it says no where that santa was an old man. There can be men in their early twenties dressed as santa just to take the job. Besides, a doubt any man has total control over their boners

  XnikiroxX  |  0

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  Moemoemoe_fml  |  0


Report yourself too while you're at it, thought police. There's NOTHING there indicating the boner wasn't for the mother.

And besides, guys can't control getting a boner or not. The fact that he got one doesn't means he was about to do something bad to the woman. He just got a boner ( and was probably dying of embarrassment.)
Case in point, nothing else happened, or she'd have mentioned it. It was probably a terribly awkward moment for both, but not a crime. No need for "reporting" or firing the guy. What are you, the Gestapo? Sure sounds like that sort of mindset... rushing to report the slightest thought and all.

Sure, maybe the guy was a jerk and enjoyed the situation rather than feeling awkward, but no one got raped or harmed. And at the very least, if she chooses to report him it should be for the boner poking her, and NOT for your out-of-place assumptions about the boner being for the kid and not the mother. That's so wrong.