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  mercifulbane  |  3

well did you take a bite and the taste of it make you say "AAAHHH THIS IS SO FUCKIN DELICIOUS!!!!"
thats why they kicked me out when i bought my first iphone

  _parth  |  20

I remembered when I was fully searched at the airport. I was just walking to my next terminal and this security just called on me for no reason and searched me again while I just passed the security clearance.


Let me clear this up: when moving country to country people dont want fruit or other objects that could potentialy carry diseases spreading it to the people animals or plants entering. thier country from other countries. This airport guy should have just taken it and thrown it away but i assume he over reacted or thought you looked questionable

  rhyspiecesno8  |  18

You're not allowed to bring food or liquids in your carry on, when you go on a plane. It's so that people don't hand another person food and poison and kill them. YDI for not already knowing this

  Wizzlbang  |  10

Other countries airports are pretty safe too, #25. Pretty sure they don't have to pat down toddlers and interrogate people about apples to keep it that way.

  gluesniff3r  |  3

It's biosecurity you fucking retard. Fresh fruit is highly susceptible to bringing various insects that may not be present in the country already. Can risk the land's ecology. Can't believe kids these days are so dumb.

  HanBroman  |  20

hold on just a second. I know thay Australia has some of the strictest customs and quarantine laws of any country in the world and am aware that op is from the US, but if he tried to take an apple over to Australia it would be a big deal haha. you aren't allowed to bring most food items or plant matter of any kind due to the fact that they can carry diseases and pests to be introduced to the environment.
If they found an apple in someone's bag, it's normal that they would proceed to search the rest of their belongings.

  Banannikka  |  1

THANK YOU I was just coming here to post that. The US is strict, too. I deal with flight attendants who often leave their fruit at the hotel if they are coming back because they know they can't bring it from Canada to the USA.

I was approached by a dog and a security agent in Montreal purely for SMELLING like peaches. I got questioned at the baggage claim (which is after security/customs) and we narrowed it down to my apricot flavoured cookies.

  dekadenZ  |  3

25- Do you know the meaning of "security theater"? Wikipedia's article on it even links to the one on "Airport security repercussions due to the September 11 attacks".

  ItsATwinThing  |  9

That's like when my class and I were travelling to New York and one kid was from Dubai all the rest of us were white, he was the only one they pulled aside to be checked AGAIN! Then on the way back it happened again!

  deloria_fml  |  22

It caused trouble because they let it. Under the circumstances, it would have been very acceptable, even sweet to give it to Thetis, who had just been married, but instead some idiot decided to turn it into a real competition.