By Amanda - 26/11/2013 20:00 - United States

Today, my ex's mom got a job as our new soccer coach and recognized me from our New Year's party last year. She made me, and me alone, do 10 laps around the field in the rain for breaking her son's heart. FML
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I wonder what OP did at that party?

Why didn't you just tell her to fuck off?


I wonder what OP did at that party?

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Right as the clock hits 12:00, January 1.... OP - "Hey babe guess what my new years resolutions is. I'm only changing one thing in my life." OP's boyfriend - "Hmm I don't know babe what is it?" OP - "You."

Maybe she rejected him, she probably wasn't ready yet.

breeaannuuhh 14

They were probably just at the same party together, she might not have done anything in particular to make the mother remember her by. You don't necessarily need to do something big for someone to remember you. My ex's mother still remembers me 4 years later walking past her on the street and we only met twice.

#24, I thought your story was going to be familiar to Cinderella.

It was rhetorical mate.

I would tell the principle. She can't make you do extra work for her personal feelings. It's wrong!!!!!

Love is a battlefield...


J_Kertz 14

At least OP admitted to breaking his heart.

Then brace yourself #2 ;)

Why didn't you just tell her to fuck off?

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Or because she wants to stay on the team

You don't respect someone based on their age. You respect them based on their personhood and if they fail to respect you, you can fail to do the same.

You can't get kicked off a team she can make OP's life so miserable which could force her to leave but she can't make her do it. Also if she does keep picking on you OP just talk to her politely about it, if she doesn't tell someone higher up in the club.

if you tell your coach to,"Go fuck off" yes you can be kicked off the team.

total dick move on her part, but I still have to admire her momma bear instinct :)

jazzy_123 20

63, that's not a "momma bear" instinct. That's an immature instinct. A mature adult wouldn't do something unfair. I know my mom would never do such a thing to someone that's hurt me.

DavidKnows 11

Wow! "Personhood"! What a terrific word. I'm stealing it to use as a unisex reference. TY

#3 is completely right, though it's probably best not to phrase it like that. That "coach" has to have bosses. Refuse any unfair bullshit, and if she threatens you in some way (like kicking you off the team) just complain to whoever's higher up. You've got the whole team on your side as witnesses.

@63, the mom probably has no idea what went on in the relationship and therefore has no right to judge OP for ending it. She was just being immature.

yeah that's true. Didn't think about that, sorry bro.

In an ideal world, yes. Unfortunately, in authoritarian set ups like schools, work, etc you are expected to "salute the uniform, not the man", and make a pretence of respect for someone in a higher position, even if they are a complete dickwad.

I would have

Not all adults deserve respect, least of all this woman.

el_sloth 7

Not all adults are perfect or good people

yeah but she's the coach so she could probably kick her off the team

ninety 25

I see you're getting a head start on next summer's beach body.

haha right! jokes on her

kick her ass

That would go over really well I think.

I would love to see that. Just as she tells her to run 10 laps she jumps on her in pure rage and beats her to the ground. Absolute horror for everyone there. Except me. :)

Oh really now? Is that what you would have done? Would you really have kicked her in the ass?

Don't bring her donkey into this!

CallMeMcFeelii 13

While I don't agree with an ass beating, I will say don't listen to her OP. Back in high school when I played football my coach tried making me run laps for an incident that didn't involve school nor did it involve football. I told my coach he doesn't have the authority to single me out over something non football related. I took my gear off and I went home. Next day at practice they didn't say a damn thing to me and allowed me to continue my training. People like that shouldn't be coaches.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Also, speaking from experience, some coaches do not like when you make them feel equal to you. It's fucked up. They act like they're better than you and more important than you are. They'll talk down to you in ways that makes them feel entitled. That was one major problem I had. I feel like everyone, old or young, are equal. I fucking despise people that think because they're the "coach", their lives and time on this earth mean more than your own. I have a huge problem being subordinate to fucks like that. OP don't allow her to push you around. You don't have to deal with her bullshit just because she used to play soccer 30 years ago. I'm not telling you to be an asshole, I'm just saying don't allow her to play out her twisted revenge scheme. Seriously fuck people who do that. They abuse their "power" by singling out people for all the wrong reasons. You aren't a sheep, you aren't a dog, she is not your master so don't fucking let her get away with it. Stand up for yourself, OP, sports aren't worth losing your dignity. Good luck. Stand strong and stand proud.

you might consider playing another sport..

Football isn't too bad of an option

You can just "pick a new sport" I cab say from experience if you're naturally good with 1 sport go with it but you might suck at the rest

jazzy_123 20

or maybe the coach can just coach a new team.

Sometimes love don't feel like it should...

Oh hurts so good

oj101 33

You broke his heart, so she's making you break your body.

euphoricness 28

He broke into OPs pussy doe!

*facepalm* the intelligence is overwhelming...

narkill 13

Alls fair in love and war.

And this is World War III!

Oh, good luck surviving the season. :/

all the extra PT might make her the best player on the team through speed and stamina