By Sad and hungry


Today, my in-laws invited us over to dinner. I decided to help out in the kitchen and watched in horror as my mother-in-law licked every utensil, sucked her fingers while making the plates and slurped wine straight from the bottle. My husband said I was rude for refusing to eat. FML
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By  QueenSaru  |  28

I'm probably an outlier, but as long as they're not sick,this kind of stuff doesn't bother me. But neither does food or drink sharing. It's definitely a personal thing though. My GF will share drinks if there's a straw, but not glasses or cans.

  toodamntall  |  7

Just because OPs MIL isn't outwardly sick doesn't mean she's not a carrier for something. Also, unless she regularly washed her hands, that sort of conduct in the kitchen can lead to cross contamination. You don't know what OPs immune system and health is like, I wouldn't eat that food either.

  rotflqtms_  |  18

Just because she signed up to swap spit with her husband doesnt mean she signed up to do so with the entire family. Her way of cooking is gross and I would feign sickness and if I was really hungry, I'd say my stomach can probably only take bread right now and just go with that.

By  carlee  |  7

is she by chance from the south cause that is a normal occasion for family we don't do it if your not. I'm surprised she didn't ask you to lick the spoon also just in case it was missing something. 🤣😂🤣