By bubblooz - 03/04/2014 02:01 - Canada - Mississauga

Today, I was working at a coffee shop. I was serving a customer when a cockroach appeared out of nowhere, and I screamed. Customers aren't supposed to know about the bugs so I had to lie and say I spilled coffee on myself, and served the customer while I felt the bug climbing up my leg. FML
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Hey! it's the OP posting. I'm very surprised this got posted. Here is some information about the fml/my job. 1) We had a health inspector come last week and our place passed the exam. We are actually a very clean place. 2) The bug problem is being taken care of. There are traps all over the place and a pest control guy is coming in soon. Bugs are very hard to get rid of. Once eggs are laid, they will stay there forever. And the place used to be a KFC. 3) We barely see the bugs actually crawling around. That's a reason why I screamed, it was my first time actually seeing one. 4) Bugs do not go in the drinks or food. Customers watch me make their lattes, pour their coffee, heat their wraps, etc. 5)Even if the health inspector didn't come, if I was to complain and the place shut down- me and all my coworkers would lose our income. Also, typically every food place has their dirty secrets like this. Welcome to the food industry. 4) I am only 16 years old, however I need this job. I can't afford to quit. I pay my cell phone bill and majority of my necessities, and I am saving up for university. 5) I have been looking for a new job for a few months. I am handing out resumes constantly at malls and applying online. It's not easy... especially because I'm a part time student with little experience. The moment I have another job, I will give my two weeks notice in. And also, this experience was horrifying. I screamed so loud I startled the customers. I hate bugs. Once I was finished serving the customer I ran to the bathroom, got the bug off me, and then adjusted my pants so I could tuck them into my boots. I appreciate all the comments and the funny jokes!

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Sounds like a horrible place if they hide a bug problem instead of fixing it.

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That is absolutely disgusting. The health department should be informed if it's bad enough for you to say 'the bugs'


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O that's just Nasty (Cleveland voice)

The customers aren't supposed to know about the bugs?!?!? How many are there?

Don't you just hate it when you discover mistakes after the countdown just stopped.

I don't know about Canadian health laws, but that is at least highly frowned upon if nothing else. You could always go the black mail route of either getting a generous bonus or going to the media with the story.

CelticSkye 13

Um, which coffee shop and where is it? I'd like to know, so I know where not to go.

what a shock that you would suggest the douche way to act

Sounds like a horrible place if they hide a bug problem instead of fixing it.

Yea. OP tell us where you work so we know never to go there. Unless you're an exterminator than you might want to go there and maybe make some money...

"Today, I was working at a coffee shop..." I think OP works at a coffee shop.

You'd be horrified if you knew how many places had bug or rodent problems.

It's just one of those things better left unknown.

Rainhawk94 27

Wow #32, here i thought op worked at chucky cheese

#32, #9 knows she works at a coffee shop. If he were to avoid her coffee shop, he would need to know which coffee shop she works at...

I think #32 thought that "unless you're an exterminator" was directed at OP. Which is kind of understandable, because the first sentence actually was, and the change of direction wasn't very obvious.

Yep just last night I went to chilis and found an unwanted surprise in spinach and artichoke dip bleh

Thats when you should quit and go somewhere better

Or you should find somewhere better and then quit, trust me I learnt that the hard way.

Ethical dilemma. Keep your job or be an honest person.

TheDrifter 23

The recession ended almost 5 years ago. How long are people going to keep milking the "in this economy" line before they start looking at who's in charge and laying blame for not allowing it to recover? That said, op is in Canada and most of the country is in pretty good shape right now.

Depending on OP's location in Canada, jobs can be scarce. Unemployment rate where I live is over 8%...

I live in Canada, in a small city so the only jobs that are really ever hiring are fast food chains, only because it sucks so much to work in them. People quit all the time. I can't afford to leave my job even though I work maybe 4 hours a day.

No a lot of places are hiring. People have to be willing to accept jobs or try something new. Heaven forbid you might actually have to work for your paycheck

PresidentNorth 16

Some people understand that if youre miserable at a job sometimes its best to leave. Unhappy employees affect how well they work. So no I don't agree with the "suck it up" initiative.

MissStephanie 10

It is just common knowledge that it's inappropriate to scream when there is a bug at work. I'm sure if they are aware they're there it'll be taken care of. I was told the same thing while I was working and we called the exterminator, but for the time being we just kept our mouths shut and killed it when nobody was watching.

Beepbeep7 14

That is absolutely disgusting. The health department should be informed if it's bad enough for you to say 'the bugs'

RedPillSucks 31

It gets bad when you name them. *watch out for Fred... Oh, there's Wanda*

I think your coffee shop should worry a little more about the fact there are cockroaches and a little less about how to hide that they are there

Well maybe they are but bugs are a bitch to get rid of.

badluckalex 23

its not like you can just use those bug bombs in a place like a coffee shop :/

THAT'S why the health people shut my restaurant down. I thought it was the ducks in the sink

Lying to the customers doesn't really seem right but hopefully they're fixing the problem, or, it was your unlucky day and a bug found its way in.

I know it's not your fault for the bugs, but you should really tell the health department please. I wouldn't like it if I were to find a roach egg in my drink.

simplysarcastics 26

Sweet Baby Jesus hold me now!!! So much grossness, makes want to never purchase anything from anywhere

cryssycakesx3 22

there's a lot of things you shouldn't eat then

Customers aren't supposed to know about the bugs implies this has been going on for awhile. Disgusting.

I admire your dedication to the company, but maybe you should find a cleaner place to work like Waffle House .

revelation11B 10

Awful House. There, I corrected that for you.