By gotta love my momma - 28/08/2014 05:08 - United States - Folsom

Today, I got married. My booze-hound mother made a toast, and told a story about how she once walked in on us having sex. My husband's family is very religious, and we told them we weren't having sex until marriage. Thanks mom. FML
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Well honesty should always be something we strive for, but at least you had the intention of keeping your husband's family happy.

sensoon15 7

Id just tell my husband's family that my mother has an active imagination and makes up these stories when she's drunk.


Well honesty should always be something we strive for, but at least you had the intention of keeping your husband's family happy.

There's a lot of psycho and drunken mothers on fmls these days

mzrobinson 13

Well now they just ruined the relationship with his family for having premarital sex AND lying. YDI

the_anti_hipster 7

51--way to be a judgmental bitch. In case you haven't heard, 98+% of people have sex before marriage. It doesn't make OP a bad person... Welcome to the 21st century.

51- regardless, it's none of their business anyway. What happens in their sex life is their business only. It wasn't the Mother's right to tell and even if his family doesn't like it, they can get the **** over it. OP and her husband are adults. Please stfu.

51...I have not read a single comment from you that isn't judgmental or ignorant in some way. Just an observation try to be less bitchy. Maybe have some good sex or take a Midol tablet before gracing us with your presence. Who knows but its just a thought.

Just say she meant she walked in on your sister... :) good luck OP

and end it with an obvious wink

That should do it.. Honestly, this is all your fault, OP. you/your spouse could have told their family you were having sex, or you could have not had sex at all. This wouldn't have happened had you been more responsible and mature. YDI

2 - Uh, I think it's a bit late for damage control.

Why is it any of the family's business? If you're an adult, your sex life is your business. If the family wants to hide its collective head the sand and stay in the dark age, that is its prerogative, but the adult son/grandson shouldn't have to. I see this as a justifiable "white lie". Most couples have sex before marriage now, and it is unreasonable to assume/expect that your adult child with a fiancée will not.

I agree with you - to a point. I think it is their business because it's their sons morales. I would care if my son was getting into drugs and alcohol abuse. Call me old fashioned, but North America could rid itself of a lot of problems if premarital sex never happened.

92 I think you need some good sex.

Telling a person not to lie is like telling Captain Jack Sparrow not to drink rum.

Im sorry I know that was a stupid comment. I tried to delete it but I didn't know how. :(

71 - You can't delete them which is why you should put thought behind your comments, especially if you agree that it's a "stupid comment".

Supernovas_Child 13

You can delete/edit comments after like 30 seconds or something ridiculous like that.

You can edit, yes, but not delete. At least not on Android or iPhone. I need to continue?

Another fml about horrible parents and I thought the younger generation was bad even though it is.

4 - Why yes, you do. My mom is spectacular so I don't understand why you'd just group all mothers together.

My mother directed her till death do you part toast directly at my father, they've been divorced for 20yrs, then proceeded to proposition him for the remainder of the night, luckily my stepmom couldn't make it.

70- obviously there are always exceptions to the rule. Everyone knows that xD

sensoon15 7

Id just tell my husband's family that my mother has an active imagination and makes up these stories when she's drunk.

Why would she want to lie more? She got into this mess because she lied to her husbands family.

sensoon15 7

Because it's better than causing a huge family fight about something that can't be changed.

sensoon15 7

I meant to add this to my other comment, maybe the family will be disappointed in their son and never let it go. Who wants their parents to be disappointed in them? Yes, lying isn't the best thing to do sometimes but if both the husband's family and the husband and wife are happy then why not? It can't be changed so might as well make everyone happy.

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-5 I love your profile pic ^^

It shouldn't be a problem! You two are married now, congrats!

TheDrifter 23

A lot of religious folk will forgive some practicing before the ceremony now that they're married. Especially since it wasn't a shotgun wedding.

I'm surprised they didn't have you guys chaperoned. I knew a religious family and all of their kids had to go on chaperoned dates no exceptions. Anyways blame the story on the fact she's drunk and has no clue what she is talking about.

It's not because the one religious family you knew had their kids chaperoned, that every religious family does that. When I was 17 and wanted to sleep with my boyfriend (a synonym for sex, I suppose), my parents just made a huuuuuge scene for a few days. And now, three years later, they just keep it with: "You know it's against our will, but it's your choice, even if it's a bad one."

24, im wondering why you told your parents you wanted to sleep with your boyfriend? A little weird, dont you think?

Some people are just very open with their parents

Because it would be more weird if I, my pajamas and a fresh pair of underpants sneeked out of the house at night.

Oh lovely alcohol, breaking families part since 1682

You kidding? Alcohol's been around longer than that.

Turtle_rebellion 10

The ancient Egyptians invented the first alcoholic beverages around 6000 bc. Learn your history.

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And this is why you don't lie. You should have just told them its none of there business now your screwed (pun intended).

Everyone knows that you gotta take him for a test drive