By jcesom - 29/07/2009 05:53 - United States

Today, I showed by ID to get into a bar and the bouncer kept it because he said it wasn't me. It was. Apparently I've gained so much weight I am unrecognizable. FML
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You should have called the police, he can't keep your ID.

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well that's quite the predicament


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well that's quite the predicament

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It wasn't directed to you, it was directed to the OP. I just replied on your post to be on top.

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i know. i was joking. (disapprovingly shakes head)

YDI. Normally people carry more than one form of id on them. i.e a credit card? pssh.

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wow. and he didnt give it back?

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the "the bouncer kept it" kinda explains that

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That is unfortunate. I think you'll have to get a new license and make him pay for it. Or, lose weight

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You should have called the police, he can't keep your ID.

In Ontario, if the bouncer suspects you are not the person on the ID they can indeed take it from you. You can come back with more ID confirming you are who you are and get it back.

Ontario is just 1 province. Saying it's Canada is like saying Alaska is the US. Part of it, but not it.

That's generally true in a lot of places, though.

I work in a bar in Morgantown, WV. We're under county jurisdiction, so I can't speak for the rest of the state, but in mine, I have every right to take the ID provided that you have no other ID to prove that it is you. Examples include credit card, School ID, county ID, etc. Once we take the ID, we then turn it over to the ABCC (Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission) and they determine if it is a fake ID, or a real ID. They then send the real ID's to the DMV, who then send it back to you. In any case, bars are private establishments. The burden of proof is upon you to prove you are who you say you are (read: that you are 21), and not on me to prove that you aren't. If the bouncer in question had been me, I would have told you to go flag down a cop, get them to come show me credentials and tell me it's you. Then I would have let you in. I've done it several times before. Keep in mind, the bouncer in question would be PERSONALLY liable if you got in and were served underage. There's a reason we're dicks at the door. I don't feel like paying a ticket, and losing the job that makes me the money I would use to pay said ticket.

i bet all the money in the world someone will put 'ydi for getting fat' or something like that anyway fyl

Ouch thats harsh.. They will give it back when you eventually prove that you are that person. But in the mean time FYL

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That's dumb. Hopefully you told him off.

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They usually take your card and get you to sign your signature on something to prove it's yours. FYL he was a jerk. You should talk to his manager when you go to get it back.

lay off the cookies.. YDI for letting yourself go to the point where your fat has effectively swallowed your face