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Today, I went for a run. I ended up being tackled by two cops, handcuffed, and dragged to the station with no explanation. Turns out a house nearby had been robbed and the best description they got was, "A man running." I didn't even get an apology. FML
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complain to the president, and you might get a free beer

Because people that rob houses never run right? Hurray for dumbass police officers!


ElMundio87 0

complain to the president, and you might get a free beer

No, you'd have to cry that it happened because you're black to get free beer.

YDI for being an uptight piece of shit, #26

jasmine1259 2

where does it say he's asian? or are you just an idiot

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hahahha ---------- no but seriously you should call the ACLU. damn

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i think he was high when he said "FYL for being asian" hahaha typical american :P

LOL no #1 he is black and only cares about issues with black people. LOL

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Hey don't talk about americans u ass ...

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That's pretty funny, I'm sorry. Still FYL though.

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It's also completely illegal...

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Yeah they can, they're just not supposed to...

You can be jailed for a certain amount of time without being charged. Think a lil before calling fake

There are certain isolated cases in which a person can be detained without being accused. This is not one of those situations. If this actually happened, this would not be an FML. This would be a MLIG about the hundred thousand dollar wrongful arrest settlement.

#8 and #47 The writ of habeus corpus gives them at least 24 hours to charge you with a crime, I think it might even be 72 hours actually. Your statement about detention without accusation is actually irrelevant, this was an arrest not a person being detained. As implied by the time limit on habeus corpus they absolutely can arrest you without charging you, it is just that they have to eventually let you go, which in this case they obviously did. The police can, and in fact do this kind of shit every single day. In fact when police pull over and detain people for looking suspicious they almost always make the claim that the person fits a description. In the OPs case being told this wouldn't even be a lie. Stupid people give the police vague descriptions all the time and they use it to harass, detain, arrest, and sometimes beat the shit out of whoever they want.

not really because chances are if the OP tried to take them to court or anything, the cops would get much better lawyers than the OP. and besides, they could just lie about what they did and who is the judge going to back up, the fellow men of "law and order" or some random guy who was just arrested? lol

Because people that rob houses never run right? Hurray for dumbass police officers!

if a police suspects anyone of a crime they can arrest them no matter what...I doubt this could be fake

But they still have to tell you why they're arresting you.

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Actually, they don't have to tell you until you are charged at the police station.

Not even then, they usually would tell you then but they don't have to. It is possible albeit very unlikely you wouldn't hear the charges until you were being arraigned in court, which in California could be like 4-5 days later if you were unlucky enough to be jailed over the weekend when the courts aren't open.

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actually they DO have to tell u why they are arresting u and taking u in! a family member of mine got taken in and police wouldn't tell them what yet were arresting them for, let's just say the police officers got into trouble!!!

I didn't think anyone ever really gets an apology. This is why I only run on the school track though.

Popos busted into a local mayor's house, shot his two dogs and ransacked the place on a bogus drug suspicion... still no apology.

FireFlie07 20

I'm originally from Illinois. If it happened there it would be for a valid reason. All the politicians are crooks.

ivoteno 0

You only run on the school track incase someone called the cops for a robbery, desribed the robber as a man running and the cops saw you running and took you into the station?

Have you never been running before? I've been harassed just because some woman didn't want me running by her house because I might someday decide to scratch her new car. It also can be quite dangerous to run on the side of the road. Doesn't matter what you're wearing or really where. The school track is safer, and if you're there, running, nobody really suspects you of anything. And at least here, the police do stop random runners sometimes. I prefer to avoid that.

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sounds like a recent fml, I call fake