By Joe thomas - 24/07/2011 04:22 - United States

Today, I was riding on my bike when I saw a homeless guy holding a sign saying, "Need money, stranded from Oklahoma." I decided to be nice, and hopped off my bike to give him $2. He took the money, and then jacked my bike. FML
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marijuanasmoker4 3

He must have thought you were donating it for his trip back to Oklahoma.

$2.00 in this economy? No wonder he stole your bike.


marijuanasmoker4 3

He must have thought you were donating it for his trip back to Oklahoma.

YourEvilHero 12

would it have really been that hard to chase after him? bikes don't go that fast.

tsim_fml 0

13- Ok, how bout we test out your theory. Get someone you know to ride a bike around a track and you run after him/her. Video your results and post them on Youtube and tell me what it's called in a comment. Doubt you'll catch him/her.

tsume24 3

how many times did he take the money??

MagicGiraffe 12

Did you help your uncle Jack off the bike?

you just made his day. now he can get to oklahoma and sell your bike for a ton of crack. your a kind soul sir, that poor bum can't visit his friend Fred the unicorn if it weren't for your bike

arlekin21 0

why is everyone getting their bike stolen in the last few days

Poor Hobo was confused, he needs bikes to go back to Oklahoma.

tsume24 3

I like how the FML was re-worded after I pointed out a wonder my other comment got thumbed down. I said "how many times did he take the money" cuz before, it said something like "after I gave him the money, he took it". gahh.

he probably crashed and died a few miles down the road

What's with people jacking bikes in FML recently?

TheHoboWerewolf 0

Ah...the old switcheroo! XD

yourmurderscenex 13

Oklahoma is not that bad. I'm from dc, and I moved to Oklahoma almost two years ago. oh and to the guy bitching.. suck it up, life could be a lot worse. pansy.

Sounds like all the "homeless" people I've meet.

kings1fan 6

The only thing I know about Oklahoma is they stole Sonics from Seattle!

Fx13mz 7

In Oklahoma? I'd believe that'll happen. I would know. it's terrible here.

lindsaysue 4

Ugh it is so hot... He should stay in florida, the weather is so much better right now.

Fx13mz 7

Yeah, I don't even go outside here. I miss LA. Oklahoma is so boring -.-.

have you guys seen the picture of that sign? "Satan called. He wants his weather back"

Zeek63 0

I wish we got some rain it is dry but last time I checked Washington county is not on the burn ban so that is kinda good

ReynshineCutting 10

Oklahoma isn't boring if you ride horses. It's great horse country. But that's about it.

Fx13mz 7

We don't all have the money for horses. This is a terrible state. It's hot and there's nowhere to go.

And you, 40.. Seem to ride unicorns.

40- I have six horses and Oklahoma still sucks. If you want horses, go North where it's better to have them. Oklahoma is a place for people who don't mind being trapped with nothing to do for the rest of their lives, or people no other state wants. Fml isn't the place to defend O.K.

if you're a tornado chaser like me you love Oklahoma

annanutbread 0

I live in okc and I'm ready to move to California . It is awful here.

rach2010 0

I've seen that sign! lol that store always has the funniest signs!

Fx13mz 7

Anywhere is better than Oklahoma.

brie_elise4093 0

Ok I'm sorry but I kinda love Oklahoma. Go okc thunder!!!

Fx13mz 7

Go Lakers. I love saying that in front of Thunder fans lol.

kings1fan 6

GO KINGS!!!! Hate the Lakers!

Zeek63 0

The BOK center looks like a giant smashed beer can! I like it though.

$2.00 in this economy? No wonder he stole your bike.

sxe_beast 11

^ Exactly what I was thinking. If you're going to help beggars (although you never should), don't be so cheap about it!

I say any money helps, in this economy.

sxe_beast 11

But you're not supposed to give any money at all to panhandlers...

55- I handle my pans quite nicely, thank you very much.

Huzzy11 0
kings1fan 6

I never give homeless people more than a dollar!

You just sat there and watched this happen? It takes a few pedals to really get going..... YDI

Iwashere12345 0

what was OP gonna do? tackle the homeless man? that would be kinda funny to see haha

Ahh... You should have thrown him the money from your bike.

Huzzy11 0

Actually he shouldve pushed the hobo back off the bike and took his $2 back (possibly with the rest of the money, however small)

Im wondering if he's that poor, How the F*ck did he come to Florida and not be able to travel back?

MagicGiraffe 12

That was one crazy party...

There was a politician in my city that got into hot water over buying one way bus tickets to Florida and giving them to homeless people in town.


That sounds like a cool guy. I want to meet him. ._.

smgboo 0

I dont know about that dismays

smgboo 0

damn iPhone. that was supposed to say "I don't know about that. Disneys expensive..."

he could mug a Mickey costume from someone.

Never trust hobos. They're crazy motherfuckers.