By Joe thomas - United States
Today, I was riding on my bike when I saw a homeless guy holding a sign saying, "Need money, stranded from Oklahoma." I decided to be nice, and hopped off my bike to give him $2. He took the money, and then jacked my bike. FML
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  tsim_fml  |  0

13- Ok, how bout we test out your theory. Get someone you know to ride a bike around a track and you run after him/her. Video your results and post them on Youtube and tell me what it's called in a comment. Doubt you'll catch him/her.

  dolphincheddar  |  10

you just made his day. now he can get
to oklahoma and sell your bike for a ton of crack. your a kind soul sir, that poor bum can't visit his friend Fred the unicorn if it weren't for your bike

  tsume24  |  3

I like how the FML was re-worded after I pointed out a wonder my other comment got thumbed down. I said "how many times did he take the money" cuz before, it said something like "after I gave him the money, he took it". gahh.

  iSurf_fml  |  8

40- I have six horses and Oklahoma still sucks. If you want horses, go North where it's better to have them. Oklahoma is a place for people who don't mind being trapped with nothing to do for the rest of their lives, or people no other state wants. Fml isn't the place to defend O.K.