By thoughthewasjoking - United States - Bessemer
Today, while walking to work, I saw a homeless guy with a funny "NEED MONEY 4 BOOZE" sign, so I gave him a few spare dollars for his humor. On my way back home, he was out cold on the sidewalk with several empty bottles beside him. Whoops. FML
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  shudson186  |  17

If they meant business they would be out of the streets. Living in homes with jobs. It's not most of their faults, but some just honestly chose to be there because they don't give a shit. Sad really, but true. At least this man was honest.

  riddle143  |  15

#20, I agree that SOME of them choose it. Not cause they don't give a shit but because it's easier. A vast majority are out there because they don't know any better. They don't know about, or they can't follow the rules of, or whatever their own reasons are or they feel ashamed that they let themselves into that position so a lot of them hide in the bottom of a bottle and avoid institutions put out there to help them, just doing the bare minimum to get by: sleeping under overpasses and begging for change. These people need compassion, not judgment. Fear of being judged is what keeps most of them at the bottom of a bottle, or worse.

  ositoakaluis  |  16

It could be because we don't take care of veterans. And we do have programs that are meant to help the Vets, but it is usually the money is sent to fat cats pockets.

  LalaDee561  |  8

#31 I once spent about $30 on food at a grocery store for a homeless person who said he was because I wanted to, and I didn't have much money in the bank either.

  flee2321  |  10

I once tried to get mcdonalds I just bought for myself to a homeless person holding a sign that said would work for food. He threw it back at me and said give me effing money.

  HammyBear13  |  8

I dont give homeless people cash at all, most likely they will spend it on drugs. And no, i wont spend $20-25 on a gift card for them. Chances are they wont use it anyways.

  Insertnamesz  |  3

What's to stop them from trading the gift card for cash? Maybe they meet another homeless person with cash who wants food and the first guy wants drugs, trade and win win. Also I do agree 25 dollars is a lot but it's different for everybody who works different jobs and has different lifestyles.

  octinate  |  17

Some people have bills to pay actually. I'm guessing your a teen who lives for free off their parents and has truck loads of cash to donate when necessary?