By HaliMali - 22/02/2015 18:21 - United States - Hastings

Today, trying to do a good deed, I gave a homeless guy a $10 bill. As I walked away, he yelled after me, "You fucking bitch!" FML
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Makes me think maybe not a homeless guy after all?

Maybe that was just his way of saying thank you :)


Looks like the only bitch here is him. Sorry OP :l

No, OP is most certainly the bitch. Should have given more than $10. /end sarcasm

OP should give him monopoly money next time. Then he have a reason to yell

Makes me think maybe not a homeless guy after all?

Right ?! I would be pissed if someone came over and handed me free mon... Wait on the other hand I would take it and be happy

Haha wouldn't be complaining about getting money either, but might be a little hurt if someone thought I was homeless because of the way I looked and that was their reason for giving me money :P

He could've been one of those people who don't like handouts, but he had to accept it, so he cursed at you for breaking his hobo spirit.

JustinJK 21

A lot of homeless people are very rude. My dad said always to have a few bucks on you in case a homeless man gets too aggressive because it's better to give a few bucks than to get stabbed (a homeless man tried attacking him after he denied him money)

i dont think half the homeless people in my town are homless. i saw a homless dude with rags and 300 dollar jordans. i hate people like that

gerrags 16

Go get a bottle of liquor and pour it out in front of him.

That's a terrible idea! I'd drink the liquor first then pee in the bottle and then pour that out in front of him so that he thinks that your pouring out perfectly good liquor! Same effect!

Op that sucks.. But don't let that jerkwad keep you from doing good deeds!

Sometimes people suck... I once gave a homeless man $5 (which was everything in my wallet), then he walked away and pulled an iPod out of his pocket... O.o Anyways, don't let one bad experience dampen your generous nature. Most people do appreciate it. :)

i read a story on reddit about a redditor giving a homeless man his kindle so maybe thats what happened to your homeless guy? that or he was faking. (dont have a link but you could look it up if you were interested. its very sweet :) )

Not many people are born homeless, so maybe he had a iPod before and that's all he has left.

I read this thing about a homeless guy who did online gaming on his laptop. He stayed in this building where the owner was cool with him being around in it since it was basically a rundown storage building anyway. So he'd essentially go to cafes to play on the free WiFi during the day, then retreat to this secluded building where he could shower in the sink and protect his prized possession.

I realize that there are ways that homeless people come across iPods and such. It was more a slap in the face cuz I couldn't afford one at the time, and that $5 was my meal money for the day... Probably could have clarified better. But yeah, I do realize that doesn't mean he's necessarily swimming in money and I didn't regret doing it. It was just kind of ironic for the situation I guess.

Once I gave a homeless guy $20 he had a sign explaining he was deaf mute, couldn't get work and that's how he became homeless. Later after work I saw that same homeless man talking to someone on the street.

#36, That hobo sounds cool, and the owner of the building too. Hell, he could be on FML, blending into our culture, essentially one of us.

Maybe that was just his way of saying thank you :)

Yeah, just as "Go **** yourself." means "Hi how are ya?"

No good deed goes unpunished. Atleast you tried.

SalenaCrosse 16

What the hell...why would he even do that?

I would have walked back and taken the money from him

gobiteme2 34

I would have looked around and found someone and give them $5 to go kick their ass and let them take the $10 off them that they didn’t deserve.