By carson28 - United States
Today, I saw a homeless man on the corner, I thought I would be generous and give him some cash. I rolled down my window and waved my hand for him to come over. As he was walking over, he was struck by another car. FML
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By  Brittneyyyy  |  7

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  FFyourLIFE  |  0

You are an inspiration! I love reading all the comments that you post. You and four or five other people on here are the reason I went ahead and made a profile! I hope that my comments will turn out just as witty and awesome as yours! :D

  Ali_Br_fml  |  33

55, the first your was correct, the 2nd wasn't. you're is you are, & your is possessive. You are even. You're even, not your even... your even what? What would he/she have that's even, and what would it have to do with the spelling of a name? (I hate typing on iPods, and I'm not going to correct my capitalization errors...)


26 there's no way in hell you've EVER been asked if your last name was Spears. I believe that would require you to look fairly like Britney Spears which would require you to be somewhat hood looking. I am also giving the benefit of the doubt to society by assuming that no one is stupid enough to actually ask you if your last name is Spears just because your first name happens to be Brittney.

31 god bless America! Am I right?

  naemaeri  |  0

Actually 61 people ask if my last name is Spears all the time thinking they are being funny and witty, even though I look absolutely nothing like her. Especially when I used to work in retail. Oh, and they also asked my best friend if her last name was Jolie (Angelina). People REALLY are that stupid. Where the hell have you been?

  DocBastard  |  38

FFyourLIFE, since you're new here, let me give you some advice. When you say something to another commenter, give some indication whom you are addressing. I have no idea who your inspiration is right now.

  Yog_Sahaw  |  0

@65 (naemaeri):

People are really stupid to ask your friend if her last name is Jolie, because that's not even Angelina Jolie's surname. It's her middle name.

  Brittneyyyy  |  7

#61, I do understand that I am not "hood" looking enough for you, but I like being me and I won't change. In addition, I actually have been asked many, many times if my last name is Spears. If you would like to see proof, please see comment #3.

  infamousego  |  0

#30 ur pic pisses me off ur profile pisses me off and ur wrong about the your you're debate. I want to slap u cuz u think ur such a hardass. who the fuck are u? who gives a fuck about u? shut up u stupid simple bitch.


I know I'm only fourteen, but I have a 90 in English. #28 is definitely right; #10's first your is correct not you're. You're means you are and you're name = you are name.... that makes no fucking sense to me. It's your* so stop hatin on 28.


Falken45 is right. homeless people and tramps want to be where they are and they sponge money of everybody and make the town look shit. FHL. if that happened to me I'd create a website called WHT (Wonderful Hapening Today) and post it on it.

  calamito  |  0

I was homeless once. I was a teenager, ran away from a foster home I didn't like. Did that make me a tramp beggar? No. You shouldn't judge people until you've been in that position. It's scary to go hungry, sleeping on the corner or in a dirty alley-way. Try being more empathetic.

I really hope the man who was hit is okay. Is he still alive, op?

  rasta_pasta  |  4

Yeah, because a goodly portion of the homeless aren't people with mental problems that fall through the cracks of our glorious system. My uncle used to be one of those people 'til my mother made a concerted effort to make sure he was taken care, you piece of shit.

By  krdel  |  0

Why is your life effed? I think the homeless guy's life is effed financially and his legs are effed from the car that hit him, probably, so really it's an FHL (H=a hobo's)