By assante2010 - 24/07/2011 00:09 - United States

Today, my friends and I went to the strip club for my birthday. I now know how my sister is paying for her new car. FML
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please tell me you didn't get a lap dance from her.

HahaYDI 0

Did you get some sort of family discount?


How is she paying for it?

hope you didn't add that image to the wank bank!

The real questions are, was she good? And did you tip her well?

sephoraprincess 7

Good job, 26.. I'm glad you found the sarcasm in my comment

37 you are my idol:) many people don't understand the simple concept of sarcasm.

I had to use the Hubble telescope to detect that sarcasm. You could make it more obvious by capitalizing "is" or something, but either way it was lame

At least you can take comfort in that, at least your sister is hot... Unless you went to a chubby bar.

I'm guessing you borrowed the telescope that your girlfriend uses to look at your.. Well, you get the point..

nice 69 nice! that just made my day:)

flockz 19

your day must of really sucked then. good luck with the rest of your week.

Anytime, but of course I keed, I keed..

Yes she uses it to look at my brain because of how retarded I am

75 it is, and it's 1:12 so it can only get better:) anyways thank you:) have a great week bud:)

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looks like we got a bromance going on. lol jk seriously though I don't see why people take everything up the ass on here. it's an app about funny things, why do you expect everyone to be so serious all the time?! some people...

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well did she give you a discount or a free lap dance??

LuHGiiiT, I find it kind of odd that your favorite people on FML are the 2 people that have praised your comments on this post. -_- But anyways I care SO much about this that I have to keep dragging it out until the end of time for my life to be complete. (That's sarcasm. I really dont care at all and I'm gonna go ice the burn you gave me)

37 It's not that we can't detect sarcasm, it's just you suck at being "sarcastic". Just admit it, you posted a stupid comment and you're trying to cover it up by saying "it was sarcasm herp derp". Stop trying.

*sigh* please re-read my last sentence again. I know it's all in good fun. I'm not gonna cry because of some comment over the Internet. How silly would that be? XD

a_nutritionist 10

the only people who were sure it was sarcasm are those who dont realise people exist who are stupid enough to ask questions like that...or are one themselves.

Just doing our part to pick the weeds from society.

Don't touch any money she gives you, you never know where it came from

saaaalt 4

can you guys chill TF out. I friggen forgot wth the FML was because of all of you bitching about sarcasm -.-

I wonder if LuhGiiT's profile pic is a sarcasm for Justin Bieber or does he really look like that irl?

177. he is what we modern people like to call "a douchebag"

mckinneymacy 2
mckinneymacy 2

Could be worse. Could have found her in some **** online.

that would have been totally embarrassing!

I bet all his buddies added it to their wank bank though.

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all of these comments are dumb but 27 hahaha :)

190 - that will be for the OPs next birthday, I am sure.

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blackmail her now lol be like do my chores and homework or mom and dad find out about a secret of where u work...;) lol

flockz 19

especially since now u know what all your friends will be jerking to later...

I say blackmail her and get your self a car too

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I could never look one of my friends in the eye after seeing them make it rain on my sister.

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2, that's a huge understatement buddy...

KendalKeller 3

uh i was going to say that but you beat me to it.

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op: there little sexy what's your name *stripper turns around* op:JULIE!!?!? ops friends : nnniiicccceee

Julie's my sister's name. . . Oh god

to both the brother and the sister. not so for the friends I think...

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did she give you a free lap dance?

LOL... Welllll... Wouldn't Mom and Dad be proud xD

maybe this is a sign that you need to help out your sister financially... unless that is her life choice in which case don't go to that strip club again

i guess it turned into a surprise party

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please tell me you didn't get a lap dance from her.

It sucks because your boner gets confused and enters into this state of not-quite-hard-but-almost.

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he might have if she offers a family discount

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88- surpisingly that happens to me whenever I watch the Disney Channel :/

KendalKeller 3

88 seems like you've been there before?

He better have. She needs the money for her car payments.

Did you get a free dance? What about free drinks?

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Oh he did. And he enjoyed every moment of it.

Incest, a game the whole family can play!

lol. accccckward. I can see it now. sis can you break a 20?

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the economy is that bad apparently

Pssh. In a good ecomomy strippers would make more because drunk men have more cash to throw away.

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I just want to know how his friends reacted.

a_nutritionist 10

@83 they ribbed him about it jokingly while mentally noting that his sister is probably an easy lay with skills in the bedroom that she most likely doesnt possess, and to be extra nice to her in future. i assume this is what the average idiot who attends strip clubs would think.