By pinkrazrgirl247 - 03/07/2009 06:29 - United States

Today, I was walking down the street, when a man behind me tapped me on the shoulder. He gave a $5 bill and said that he thought I had dropped it. Not having the integrity to turn him down, I took it. I spent the next 20 minutes being chased by a crazy hobo who claimed that it was his. FML
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YDI why didn't you give it to him if it wasn't yours to begin with? YDI.

You shoulda just given him the 5 bucks...a homeless person is gonna need that more than you so YDI jackass


YDI why didn't you give it to him if it wasn't yours to begin with? YDI.

Has anyone considered that maybe the man she referred to was actually the hobo, and that the hobo informed her about the money hoping that she would just say 'it's fine you keep it.' Then when she didn't say that he chased her saying it was hi.

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I'm pretty sure that's not what he meant #67.

You shoulda just given him the 5 bucks...a homeless person is gonna need that more than you so YDI jackass

I know, I'm so sick of people wanting money these days! It's sickening knowing how greedy people are for such a worthless thing. I'd rather have tons of sports cars, a trophy wife, mansions and super computers (and other auxiliary stuff, like good lawyers and doctors and bodyguards) than all the money in the world. Sheesh. I mean what's up with people and their obsession of money nowadays?!


uh to have tons of sports cars and trophy wives(wife) you need tons of ******* money.

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You don't need money if you live in a society that has advanced beyond money. Money is nothing but a symbol for debt.

#41, both of those things are worthless. sports cars just look nice and are the symbol of the evil burgoise, and the concept of a Trophy Wife should've never come into existance. marriage should be for love, not showmanship.

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I think you mean 'bourgeoisie' not 'burgoise'. And why are the middle classes evil, pray? I agree with the idea that marriage should be for love though.


Marriage is a symbol for love and compassion. Not jealousy and lust. I would rather to marry and LOVE an average looking woman than to marry and have sex all the time with some sexy ****. Also, to the "middle class" people out there, ask yourself this. What would you rather, get $10 for free, or donate $20 to charity. Next time you get 1c or 2c change, (5c for Australians), or even better, 20c,25, or 50c, just put it in a charity tin. If you do that everytime you go shopping, before you know it, you probably have donated $30 without noticing, or making it change your life.

You'd think my cheesy nickname would warrant people not replying to my troll remarks. Lol. Relax, I'm going to marry an average looking person. And not just cuz I can't get a hot person if I tried, either! ;)

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Why would you make troll comments if you didn't want people to reply to them?

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nice use of i wrong in assuming its sarcasm? :P

#77, as someone who's always been in the lower class, I would definitely rather get $10 "for free" than donate $20 to charity. How else will I pay for food?

#123 That is perfectly understandable if you don't have a lot of money but if you have the money instead off buying extra snacks you could donate a little bit to charity.

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Not everyone's rich, hell I'd take $5 if someone said I dropped it

Im losing hope for is so worthless, I dont see why anyone cares that much about it.

People care about money because if you don't have it you're ******. You say money is worthless, but you wouldn't be alive if your parents/you didn't have a job and didn't pay for your food, clothes rent, doctor etc.

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Indeed you are right and its a damn shame. If we were truly free, there would be no such thing as money. Money is efficient when dealing with scarcity because it can somewhat organize who should get what first. But, if we had an abundance of everything? Well there'd be no reason to sell it and we could do the moral thing and provide free sustenance for all human beings. By the way, we can produce abundance of resources. Ever wondered why the government will pay farmers sometimes to NOT grow stuff? Its to keep the idea of scarcity around to give money what little worth it has. Fucked up, right?

I create things (games, GPU software, etc) for fun, it happens to be my job, and I happen to get money for it, but if I wasnt being paid, I would still do these things. I wont work a day in a my life...

# 95: Then you're lucky. But if you didn't have a job or money, you couldn't buy the computers and software you needed to create the things you do.

YDI for taking money that doesn't belong to you.

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You are so full of it, 95% of everyone here would accept $5 if someone came up and gave it to you. The hobo chasing part is a whole different story.

You cant make up statistics. I wouldnt take it. And just because 95% of people do something wrong, that doesnt make it right

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85% of statistics are made up on the spot

Wow I moderated the FMLs and this was one I said yes to! :) this is cool. Not about you being chased though, that's horrible! Did he hurt you?

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"did he hurt you?" really? that just fuels the stereotype that hobos are violent criminals. i think SHE'S the criminal for not giving the homeless guy 5 bucks. seriously.

YDI, for taking money that wasn't urs.. :-/

Wow, instant karma. If 5 bucks matters more to you as much as it does to a homeless man, then your life is indeed f'd.

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YDI...taking the money I can understand to a point but not giving it back to a HOMELESS person? You're an asshole.

Maybe there's more to this homeless guy story...

@19:hahaha, the only thing that made me laugh about this one :)