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Today, I gave a homeless man my last bit of spare change so he could get on the bus. Just as I was about to get on too, I realized I'd lost my bus card. I had to get off the bus and watch as the man waved at me through the window. FML
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Hey at least you made someone's day happy. But that's good of you, most people are assholes and just ignore the homeless. But at least he waved at you that's a positive.


Exactly! That's why I only do bad deeds.

No good FML goes without this phrase either, it seems. It's like the YOLO of good deeds. Runners up are "karma's a bitch" "lol that sucks" "FYL OP" and "shitty situation"

Why do people always say that? It makes you feel like a schmuck for wanting to help the less fortunate. I do (try to do) good deeds all the time and I feel great for doing my part in helping contribute to the society. Ex: I just donated blood, felt sick afterwards but it was worth knowing it was for a great cause. (:

Could've been worse. He could've taken your booze!

Oh no! You might have to exercise a little by walking home now.

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Well.. My bus card wouldnt have been stolen unless by force, which i could fight back for... And im a good person who would do good deeds... There are many ways to fail.. Just as there are many ways to die... But that is why there are many ways to fight back.... As there are many ways to be ready for shit.. There is a difference between good people and good people who are ready for alot of things.. So dont support bad shit like bad deeds

OP could live to far from where they were to walk. No need to be an arrogant ass.

Hey at least you made someone's day happy. But that's good of you, most people are assholes and just ignore the homeless. But at least he waved at you that's a positive.

Well I'm sure you can make someone's day without negatively impacting yours like that. I mean I could make some's day and give them my most precious belongings, but then I'm screwed :/ And I'd feel guilty, being the hobo, having something as important as that of someone's. I guess that's just me.

Yeah but think about it, the hobo goes day to day without having anything. He has no precious items or belongings. I bet you someone sacrificing a bus ride for him made his day. It's probably the nicest thing someone has done for him in a long time.

Apparently begging for money you can make a lot of money.

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All aboard the positive train choo choo!!!!! Wait I forgot my pass for that too.

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Well if you look at it this way...unless he's riding back to a shelter...he has no real destination anyway unless he just trolled you altogether about homeless. At least you did a good thing :)

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Well good on you for donating. Especially with all the panhandlers you see nowadays.

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8-yup, I once bought 6 chicken tacos for the homeless guy sitting outside of a food joint, after I mentioned that those were for him, instead of any kind of gratitude, he cursed me out saying he needed money more than food. -OP, be glad you made someone's day, and he appreciated you for what you have done.

90, That's because he can't go buy alcohol with food. I'm not trying to be rude, but it seems to be how it works. I know the guy in my town that I've run into a few times always seems to be drunk and you can smell the beer in his breath quite strongly from about 4 feet away.

I've seen it go both ways... one time I gave a homeless man a granola bar before going into a store and when I came out I saw him trading my granola bar for a cigarette. Another time my friends and I went to a restaurant while on vacation and ended up with a ton of leftovers with no way to refrigerate them. We gave them to a homeless woman and when we walked by her later she was happily eating, so we felt good about it. Most of the homeless people in my city are scam artists (like the girl who has been pregnant for nine years) because we have so many programs they could take advantage of there is no need to be on the street begging for money.

I'm very hesitant to give to panhandlers. I give very rarely, and when I do, I usually just buy the food for them and give it to them. If they are sincere about starving and needing food, it will be appreciated. Watch out for the ones who insist on cash only.

Well, atleast he was polite enough to wave afterwards..

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At least you did a good act! Don't ruin it by feeling bad for yourself

Happens buddy, but at least you made someone's day.