By Anonymous - Denmark - Aarhus
Today, I saw a homeless guy in the street. It really upset me how everyone's spirit of giving vanished as soon as Christmas was over, so I said fuck it and gave him about $50 worth of money. I barely made it 10 feet away, when another guy mugged him for the money I just gave. FML
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  NicoSnowFlame  |  10

I mean the homeless man definitely stuffered the most in this situation. Not only was someone kind to him, but it was then ripped away by someone elses greed, noone deserves that.

  annarcheer  |  19

It would have been nice for the money to go to a deserving person though. I mean yes the thought was nice and I'm sure the homeless man appreciated it but its upsetting that someone who does not deserve it gets to go spend it when the homeless person could have gone and bought food or something.

By  magikarpsmurfs  |  19

Sadly, that's the way the world works sometimes. It ain't right & shouldn't be the case. At least though, you did something good, it's nice know, there is some good people out there still.