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Today, my boyfriend of a month had to leave early. I asked him why and he replied that his brother was getting off the bus and he needed to feed him. I had never met his brother, and I said "He can't feed himself? What is he, retarded?" He is. FML
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thats why people shouldnt joke about mental retardation. YDI :)

That's what you get for being snippy. YDI.


That's what you get for being snippy. YDI.

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Yes, it was snippy, but also, what did she THINK was the case? I mean, I read this and immediately thought mental retardation if he needs to be fed. Not only was she tactless in this moment, but not that bright either.

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YDI Just saying, I hope he broke up with you

theice 0

This is exactly why you should think before you speak.

Yeah, why not just ask why he needed to be fed?

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thats why people shouldnt joke about mental retardation. YDI :)

I agree. It's stupid. YDI all the way. It's offensive, regardless.

You guys got it right. I don't really have a problem when people say something like "that's retarded" but when you ask if a person is retarded, regardless if they are or not, that's crossing the line. YDI x 9999999999999999999

Vagheta, what's your scouter say about the 'ydi' level? It's.... OVER 9000!!!!

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Agreed, Some people are so insensitive.

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Vegeta: I'm getting sick of all these over 9000 jokes!! Goku: Calm down vegeta! How many of them have you heard? Vegeta: *breaks scouter*

I thought it was a valid question which just turned out to be true rather than rhetorical.

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smooth move next time a boyfriend tells you he's going to visit his parents instead of having sex with you, don't you dare say, "What, are they terminally ill?" Because, with your luck, they probably are.

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Maybe he can feed himself but he can't make his dinner so his brother makes it for him. Or maybe the bus is from a special needs center...

Who said it was the public bus? He probably meant a handicapped bus, you dumb ****.

wannabesinger 16

Many schools have summer programs for special needs kids, he was probably getting off a school bus

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Number 4 gets a thumbs down. As for the use of the word retard, my brother (who I adore very much) happens to be mentally retarded and I don't have any problem with the word. It's not like people use it literally to attack autistic children. It's in no way shape or form offensive towards those who are mentally retarded, just the stupid people that the insult is being directed towards.

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Autism and Mental retardardation are completely different. Granted, Severe Autism can manifest itself in a similar manner as Mental Retardation, they are two completely different disorders. Some autistic people are Semi independent , or in some cases, able to live on their own independently, whereas many Mentally retarded people require lifetime care. My neighbor's son is Autistic, and lives in an apartment in a special complex for people who require on call nursing. He never uses it, has a driver's lisense, a job, and a fiance. he lives a very normal life.

oh shut up people help him get on the bus

and dumbass of the day goes to you #4 congrats!

My brother has mental retardation. And he can ride the bus by himself. He can eat by himself, but sometimes he needs help picking it up. Obviously, you've never learned how hard it is to take care of them. It's one of the hardest things I've ever done, but children, or anyone with a disability, gives this world color. I wouldn't change my brother for anything. I wouldn't change anyone with disabilities, they're the nicest people I've ever met. You, number 4, are possibly the biggest jerk I've ever met.

I don't think using the word retarded is right, even when saying mentally retarded. I think the correct term is mentally handicapped or mentally challenged

YDI indeed. Mental retardation really isn't funny. I highly suggest watching your mouth in the future, otherwise you'll be getting into a LOT of trouble. Trust me, I know.

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Thank you! I hate people who say "That's so retarded" or "What a retard!" ... they should just crawl in a hole and die.

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so your saying that everybody should crawl in the hole and die? Lets face it, everybody says that nowadays. I overcame autism and I say that only in response of a stupid rule made and if somebody whos NORMAL acts really stupid. If somebody says it either way around me, thats one thing, If somebody calls me retard because of something really stupid I did, I wouldnt be offended because I would deserve it for being really stupid, thats one thing. Saying 'thats retarded' is really not big of a deal and neither is 'your a retard' unless that statement is made towards a kid with special needs, then I would agree that that person is a scumbag and deserves to die

Get off your goddamn high horse and just let people be. Just because people use terms you don't like isn't a reason to get all uppety about it. Free speech goes both ways.

No, not everyone says that. Also, you might not have a problem with it, but I know a lot of people who have siblings who have mental disabilities and don't like it when people use that phrase.

skyttlz 32

Amen, 108. Retard is one of my favorite words. I always say that something is retarded if it's a very pointless rule or doesn't make sense. and I only say that people are retarded if they're normal but annoying and never try or are mean.

...You don't overcome autism. You always have it. It's a neural developmental disorder.

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youve been dating him for a month, and this never came up in conversation? sounds like you dont know him too well... but he sounds like a nice guy for taking care of his bro like that

I agree, not many people would drop everything and look after their brothers/siblings. Sounds like you've got a good catch. Be more careful with your tongue next time, though.

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why would you ask why he needs to be fed? doesn't that OBVIOUSLY mean that the brother is handicapped in some way? You're retarded.

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I agree with #11.I bet you won't joke like that anymore!

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Not necessarily. When I was reading them FML, I thought maybe his brother was just very young and coming home from school by school bus.

with all respect, what kind of school-age kid needs to be fed unless they're handicapped?

Well, a 6-year-old doesn't need to be fed in the way that you stick the spoon in his mouth and all... But you don't leave a 6-year-old home alone to feed himself, right? Well anyway, this isn't the case. I also think it was quite obvious that the brother must be handicapped, she should watch her dumb mouth. Lesson learned, I guess.

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Amen. Original poster: You're either an idiot or an ass. Either way. YDI

If you switched on your brain, you would have gotten the answer yourself. YDI.

It takes a long time to start up, and sometimes it just spontaneously freezes and reboots during the day...