By Anonymous - 29/07/2016 18:10

Today, I was playing a game with my family where we had to say the name of an actor/actress that started with a certain letter. When I said mine, my dad grounded me because he knew it was a pornstar. Now my mom is mad at my dad for watching porn too. FML
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deathstroke990 22

the real question is, why tf would you mention a **** stars name while playing that game with your family? ?????


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The gender symbol by the OPs name is the male symbol.

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I'm looking for the "Your Dad Deserved it" Button.

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Lmao look at the symbol next to the OP you SJW 'tard.

Mortoli 30

wait lol how could you mess that up? lmao how bads the damage?

deathstroke990 22

the real question is, why tf would you mention a **** stars name while playing that game with your family? ?????

I don't know, maybe my family is more open and casual, this stuff isn't a big deal for us, so I wouldn't have an issue mentioning a **** stars name in front of them, especially if it's just a game. I mean, they are sort of famous, so it doesn't necessarily mean you watch ****, I know names of **** actors, but I don't watch it. And even if you do watch it, I never understood condemning your child (unless they're super young) or significant other for watching it, it isn't like it means anything.

#6 This. I wish more people could have the same logical mindset as yourself.

deathstroke990 22

yes but, the fml shows that their familly is NOT chill about that kind of stuff, so. why would they mention a **** star

#14, you're right, #6 rocks, great outlook man! but, #16 you're right, sounds like this family definitely isn't cool with it, something OP definitely should've known...

They could've let it slip without stopping to think about it

Maybe the dad was being accusational. after all, he did say that the only information given was the first letter.

I don't know, in some states I think it is illegal for you to watch it underage. Some adult told me that and honestly, I feel it shouldn't be anyone's business unless your posting things underage. Can someone confirm this or clarify please?

It is illegal in the United States of America to watch **** or look at pornagraphic images under the age of 18. However I doubt most of children obey it.

That's a dumb law and needs to be changed at least to age 15. I can understand not sending nude images or sexting anyone, but just viewing ****? What are they going to do arrest every single person in America?

Are you joking? Children should be allowed to watch **** in your world?

Yes, teens - not children - should be allowed to watch it. Whether you like it or not, kids at this age are sexual beings too, and you need to give them some kind of outlet to help with their urges, especially if you don't want them having actual sex right away. Seriously, what would you rather have, your 15yr old merely watching sex, or your 15yr old actually having sex? If you give them something else to satisfy their desires, and accept that they have these urges too, because they're people, instead of condemning them, you're going to have kids with a much healthier and more responsible approach to sex. As long as you educate them that **** is not a realistic depiction of sex though, this is important.

The act of a kid watching **** is not illegal in itself. An adult showing a child **** is what's illegal. And disgusting.

joeyl2008 29

Anyone notice how **** sites stopped having the screen that says "You must be 18 older to enter"? I'm assuming that's because they realize those screens were dumb.

It's pretty clear from mom and dad's reaction that they are NOT an open family

You are supposed to be 18 before viewing and sexual content- writing, images, anything. They have the "are you 18+" questions and when I went to a con, the mature manga you weren't even supposed to go into the little opening they had them in, let alone buy it. So it IS against anyone under 18 even viewing it, not adults showing it to them.

Teens are not children. People go through puberty at around 13, they stop being children then. They're not adults, but they are in between. They will have sexual urges and it's a lot better to ********** than to go out and have sex. I bet there are a lot of 15-16 year olds that have had sex at that age. Adults need to stop treating a 16 year old the same way as an 8 year old. They're not kids anymore.

@#23 no honey , you misunderstood. a letter was given, you had to choose a celebrity and his choice was a **** star. You have to go around and share your answer and if someone else has it you don't get the points. he said his answer, and it was a **** star, so his dad heard the name and knew she was from ****.

Mortoli 30

it most likely came out by accident i mean when you get to the S's wouldnt you just wanna say sasha gray? lol but nah in all seriousness im sure he just said without thinking lol i seriously dont see the problem with watchin **** at a young age hell back in the like 90s and earlier they would show straight up pornographic scenarios in movies that would be shown on channels like scifi nowadays lol so its really not that hard to say a pornstars name especially now a days since they all over regular movies and tv shows like game of thrones and some other shows ... you can watch on hbo at home if you got it and so can kids.

@6 it's more about the fact that nowadays humans don't have control. Men (humans) become addicted to easily and **** is not the exception. **** is as addicting as alcohol, drugs, and even gaming. Nowadays gaming and **** in between breaks is the new high for a lot of young adults and adults. **** alone has ruined more marriages than money. Women or Men start to get neglected sexually due to their partner preferring **** over the real thing or even the fact that they are no longer aroused by their partner as they are by ****. It is actually a very difficult subject. The brain rewires itself. I mean don't get me wrong, watching **** on a once in a while OMG I need it for stress or its been weeks, or partner has not been home for a few days than yes, **** is your best friend. But the way you are making it look as so natural to where you fap dailiy or think that the other person should not be neglected is inconsiderate and selfish.. almost narcissist.

You really couldn't just say a regular celebrity's name like Melissa McCarthy or LL Cool J?

I've always loved the adult versions of family games :) was it Christy Mack? lol

BlockOfRedStone 25

My guess is Riley Reid, I hope OP gives a follow-up on which **** star it was lol

That would have been double points, too

My guess would be Alexis Texas or Elle Alexandra

PePziNL 20

Was it Sasha Grey? If so she does 'regular' movies aswell nowadays so you could've used that as an excuse.

She was also in the music video for Eminem's Space Bound back in 2010

It would be pretty funny if OP had feigned ignorance that she was in **** leaving only his father to get it in the neck over watching ****.

Hopefully this taught his father a lesson.

What lesson? He didn't do anything wrong.