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Today, my aunt informed me that my dad thinks my boyfriend is a loser deadbeat because he hasn't proposed to me after two years of dating and co-habitation. He hasn't asked because I already made it very clear I have no interest in marriage. FML
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Maybe try talking to your dad about it. Explain that you don't actually want to get married

Tell him your opinion. He will shut the **** up.


Maybe try talking to your dad about it. Explain that you don't actually want to get married

sorry for posting this here, but why do some people not want to get married? I always thought that everyone would want to.

sometimes fear, due to past relationships or seeing what others go through. ..that's it for me

57, because some people don't see the need to have a piece of paper that says your married. You can be committed to each other with out being married.

#57 Marriage seems pointless to me. If I love someone, I don't need a piece of paper to prove that I'll stay with that person forever. I'm also not interested in the expenses a marriage brings.

Marriage seems outdated to a lot of people. Other than tax breaks, what is the difference between being committed and being married?

Some people dislike the institution itself. It's perfectly possible to have a long-term relationship/commitment that functions exactly like marriage in all but name.

Tell him your opinion. He will shut the **** up.

Nah, he'll just tell you that you're the deadbeat loser.

And you tell him it is my life not yours...

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Don't let someone else have a bad rep when you can set the record straight yourself.

So make that clear to your father. You never want your parents to not have a good relationship with your partner, especially over something like this.

Tell your dad about it, if you know the true reason don't be mad at him for it. Oh and there is probably a joke or pun to be discovered but I won't sniff it out...

It doesn't matter what your dad thinks. As long as you're happy that's all that matters.

So why not say something instead of letting your dad think the guy you love is a loser? That's not fair to your boyfriend.

Just tell your dad you don't want to get married because you enjoy actually having sex... If he's married he'll understand

As others have suggested, you should explain things. Explain that your boyfriend is secretly quite wealthy and doesn't want to share ownership of his riches, and that you've been slowly whittling away at his detached exterior, convincing him that you're the only one who will ever TRULY love him. You expect concession and a subsequent proposal any day now. Your boyfriend won't seem like a loser, and your father will be proud of his cunning daughter!

Lying to her father would only make things worse! This is some of the worst advice I've ever seen. She's way better off telling the truth rather then making this 1000x more complicated then it already is.

It was a joke—a bad one, but a joke nonetheless.

I love it when people who don't understand try to argue. :')

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Good luck with a joke around here. (I thought it was funny for whatever that's worth.)

Trip, how can there be anyone in the comment sections that takes you seriously? Also, why are you going missing? You're the reason I go in comment sections.

I assume it takes years of practice and dedication, but given enough time, you TOO could take my comments seriously, FSG! I blame college for my absence. But, hey, at least somebody called me Trip. That's pretty cool.