By Anonymous - 04/03/2016 20:22 - United States - Newark

Today, my vegan step-mom found out I ate at McDonald's yesterday. She gave me hell and asked me how it feels to give money to "murderers". All while my dad sat quietly by because he's too whipped to speak his mind. It wasn't even her house a month ago. FML
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That sucks.... stand up for yourself even if your dad won't! I have a step mom who came in and did the same thing almost 20 years ago and to this day, my dad has yet to locate his balls. -_-


She's depriving us of air those dead plants could've made!

The over producing of the animals and all of the crop they have to feed them before killing them is actually what's destroying the planet

While scientifically correct, you are kinda missing the point...

well aren't you a plant killer too then?

That's messed up. I hope your dad gets the nerve to speak up. FYL

That sucks.... stand up for yourself even if your dad won't! I have a step mom who came in and did the same thing almost 20 years ago and to this day, my dad has yet to locate his balls. -_-

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Tell her to go **** a cactus whilst eating a bacon cheeseburger

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Seriously though, stand up for yourself. Even though she's a vegan, doesn't mean you have to be. It's you choice, she should respect that. (And this is coming from a vegan, just letting you know not all of us are that bat-shit demanding of other people.) Also sorry about your dad, perhaps you should encourage him to believe in himself a little more?

It's nice to know not all vegans are insane. I went vegetarian almost two years ago and I've gotten a lot of flack from both vegans and omnivores, but the worst of it was from vegans. The behavior of those individuals doesn't encourage people to even consider going vegan. I've considered it myself, but I've been completely put off by their attitudes (really at this point the only thing I would have to change is my diet, since I use cruelty free and vegan products as much as possible otherwise). It just feels like a community that should be supportive and welcoming would only look down its nose at those who aren't like them or whose efforts just aren't good enough. Even the fact that I have a cat (a rescue) seemed to be something that made me a pariah.

I was in a Facebook group for animal rights or something like that. An argument over something completely different turned into harassment by vegans saying how I was such a terrible person for not being vegan, making me feel like shit even when I told them I just wanted them to stop, and basically saying no matter what you do to help if you aren't began you can't say you're an animal lover. I don't mind if you're vegan, but so many unfortunately represent it very badly.

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The thing that pisses non-vegans off though is that like 80% of the facts they come up with to convince you to go vegan are absolute bullshit and made up on the spot

Yes! I'm a vegetarian and I really don't care what anyone else chooses to eat. Besides, if I don't eat anything with a face, that means there is more bacon for those that do like it. Everybody wins!

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Tell her to go screw herself whilst eating a bacon cheeseburger

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Tell your step mom that if she excepts you to respect her views, she has to respect yours. Also tell your dad that he should stick up for his daughter and not let your step mom bitch you out for no good reason.

Well respecting somebodies beliefs is like if they believe in God. But the fact is that animal agriculture is responsible for 91% of Amazon rainforest destruction, uses 1/3 of the worlds fresh water, and is responsible for 51% of CO2 emissions. The fact is that eating meat is really creating a shitty world for your children.

tell her to take her head out of her ass and stick a cucumber up there instead

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Could just simply say, I refuse to eat the food of the food that I eat.

You could always tell her it's not even real meat, man