By Anonymous - 05/11/2014 19:52 - Australia - Hawthorn

Today, my mum yelled "Son of a bitch!" as I narrowly beat her at a game of Mario Kart. I jokingly yelled back "Hell yeah I am!" Now I'm grounded for two weeks, birthday included, all because my mum's a sore loser. FML
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Mario does ruin relationships...

I hate to be that guy, but it bothers me so much when people make that mistake, so... *shouldn't HAVE, not shouldn't OF.

Sounds like a Monopoly situation. So many ruined friendships, and fallen apart families came of that game.

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The Draw Four card in Uno is just as bad.

actually his mom called herself a bitch, he just agreed with her.

^agree. I would've grounded you too or at least smacked you

He should have known... Mario Kart is war. :D

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Does she realize that she's calling herself a bitch?

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when you're a son of a bitch, ya know...

Next you'll remember that no matter what: mum always wins the game!

At least OP's mom plays video games with him. Many people wish for that type of family time, minus her being a sore loser.

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To be fair, losing at MarioKart sucks ass, but that was still a huge overreaction.

I don't see why you're voted down, mariokart does suck when you loose, and she brought it upon herself.

You learned a lesson all men learn eventually. There's no winning against a woman even when you win.

She really is a bitch, what a way to overreact on losing at a game.

It's not because she's because what was said.

what was said over a game. so it all boils down to the game. damn Mario.

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She, most likely, said "Son of a bitch", over the situation of losing the game. Her son, decided it was a good time to call his Mom a bitch. He got what he deserved. Thumbs down for me? Who cares what the immature kids that would actually call their Mom a bitch think? Not I.

that's what I said #61 it has nothing to do with the game. he called his mom a bitch.

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#74 she was the one who called herself a bitch, he just confirmed it.

Reading this back, I came to the conclusion I shouldn't comment when too tired. Thought I typed it up differently. Downvoted myself.