By eer004 - United States - Odessa
Today, my husband learned that if he asks me a question while I am dead asleep my answer will most likely be "Yes". Incidentally, I now have a new cat. FML
eer004 tells us more :
I am really surprised this made it through. on the bright side we had been discussing getting a cat for our daughter. I just expected to let her pick it out, not to wake up to a knew kitten in my bed
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In which case, she can condition herself to use answers like:

"My sources say no."

"Don't count on it."

"Cannot predict now."

"My reply is no."

"Outlook not so good."


But that would just lead to constant nagging, 16. I think an immediate shutdown would be more appropriate than entertaining his behaviour by putting off an answer and giving false hope, don't you? :)


Oh geez. Let's not even start this. Dogs and cats are great in their OWN ways. Neither is better, that's all subjective... I think it's funny when people act like one is infinitely better. Just because dogs or cats are YOUR favorite doesn't mean they have to be everyone's. xD

  KillSwitch96  |  18

Only if they have a space in which they are not confined and can actually grow that big though #104. Most people don't have the space to make a python grow that big plus, a Reticulated Python isn't exactly a pet haha. They are the longest species of python in the entire world if I remember correctly.