By eer004 - 07/12/2013 10:06 - United States - Odessa

Today, my husband learned that if he asks me a question while I am dead asleep my answer will most likely be "Yes". Incidentally, I now have a new cat. FML
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eer004 tells us more.

I am really surprised this made it through. on the bright side we had been discussing getting a cat for our daughter. I just expected to let her pick it out, not to wake up to a knew kitten in my bed

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TyT63 12

atleast that's the only pussy he asked for

He better be careful what he gets into. That kind of power could go to his head.


TyT63 12

atleast that's the only pussy he asked for

I'd rather wake up to that than a surprise allgeric reaction.

Where does it say OP is allergic to cats?

Matt_Hazard 16

@85 But I love cats. They're like, the nicest pets you could own.

I believe #36 was speaking theoretically, not referring to OP's situation specifically

No need for a Magic 8 Ball when he has you.

In which case, she can condition herself to use answers like: "My sources say no." "Don't count on it." "Cannot predict now." "My reply is no." "Outlook not so good."

Or save herself the time and effort with a simple "Ask again later".

But that would just lead to constant nagging, 16. I think an immediate shutdown would be more appropriate than entertaining his behaviour by putting off an answer and giving false hope, don't you? :)

If she conditions herself to always negative response though, then her hubby can just rephrase his questions so that a negative is the result he wants.

JMichael 25

Time for you to learn to say no in your sleep.

timss4 19

Then he just changes the question to fit te answer "Would you mind if we got another cat?" Is a good example lol

In an effort to clean up the FML comments please place all "pussy" joke here Thank you.

fooltemptress 36

That's not the sort of pussy I'd expect him to ask for from you.

pwnman 33

I can take it off of your hands, if you want.

olpally 32

Of all the things he could ask for, he asks for a cat?? What an idiot. Ask for a tv or something!

TV wasn't the first thing that popped in my mind....giggity

Eh. I'd take a cat over a TV. Then again , I already have plenty of both.

I would have asked for back door admittance, but that's just me. Haha.

If she ain't giving up the butt already, you aren't treating her right!

timss4 19

Why would it be? Men like waking up to head, if she loves him she should be happy to wake up to sexual favors from him too

If I were in his shoes I would have gotten a dog, not a cat

timss4 19

Dogs are far more worthy of te power given to this man lol just sayin

I'm with you #9. Dogs > cats any day.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Oh geez. Let's not even start this. Dogs and cats are great in their OWN ways. Neither is better, that's all subjective... I think it's funny when people act like one is infinitely better. Just because dogs or cats are YOUR favorite doesn't mean they have to be everyone's. xD

Ugh, cats... if you want to shelter and feed something that hates you, conceive a child and wait 13 years.

Karcasm 7

If you have a cat that hates you, you aren't doing it right. I have five and they all looooove me. :)

Reticulated pythons beat both dogs and cats. Because they eat them.

Only if they have a space in which they are not confined and can actually grow that big though #104. Most people don't have the space to make a python grow that big plus, a Reticulated Python isn't exactly a pet haha. They are the longest species of python in the entire world if I remember correctly.

I've seen enough **** to know where this is going... wait, what?

BlueFlatts 20

I've never seen **** start this way with one member asleep and involving a cat. Interesting stuff you must watch.